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Do you have this weird iPhone bug?

Heads up! Apple gadget owners are reporting a bug that’s keeping them from answering incoming calls.

A growing number of Apple’s support forums users are posting about an issue with their $1,000 iPhone X smartphones.

Affected users say that when they receive a call on the iPhone X, it rings but the screen does not wake up. Since the screen is off, they can’t answer the call.

Since day one

The incoming call issue has actually been circulating for a few months now but the number of complaints is growing.

One forum user claims that he has been dealing with the issue since the day he got his iPhone X. The phone rings but the display only appears after three rings. Updating his iPhone X to iOS 11.2.5 did not solve the issue.

Another forum user described how the iPhone X’s display won’t turn on even after six to eight seconds of ringing. The issue gets temporarily fixed after a restart but it comes back after 15 to 20 calls. A soft or hard reset doesn’t fix the problem either.

On a personal note, although the problem seems to be affecting a growing number of users, I have yet to see it on my iPhone X.

Apple is reportedly “looking at into these reports” but did not indicate if a fix is on its way.

The iPhone X is Apple’s most expensive smartphone yet. It boasts new features like an “edge-to-edge” OLED display, Face ID, and wireless charging.

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