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The Dell desktop computer we use at Komando HQ is on sale

Trying to work on a slow old desktop or laptop can seriously cut your productivity. One study from Currys and PC World out of the U.K. shows office workers lose 24 days each year to slow or outdated hardware and software.

Maybe your everyday work computer isn’t that bad, but it’s still a waste of time to slog through tasks on an old computer. At the WestStar studios, we’re big fans of the OptiPlex from our sponsor, Dell.

If you’re looking to upgrade, good news: This powerhouse PC is on sale at a great price.

Big computer in a slim package

Looking for a powerhouse that won’t cost you an arm and a leg? The Dell OptiPlex is a standout. There are many models, and our pick is the OptiPlex 7090 Small Form Factor. Starting just over $899, these PCs pack a punch with an 11th Generation Intel chip, Windows 10 Pro (and Windows 11 Pro license included) and as much storage as you need.

We opt for the small form factor. These slim, lightweight PCs are nice to look at, quiet and totally customizable. Dell walks you through your choices, from your processor to the graphics card to memory and hard drive space. That can be overwhelming, we know, so keep reading for the best way to get help deciding.

Shop Dell’s Labor Day sale now to save big on the Optiplex, along with the rest of Dell’s PC lineup, monitors, docks, mice, and more must-have accessories.

Need help? Dell’s tech advisors are here for you

When you run a business, finding the right tech is critical. You don’t want to waste money on tools that won’t get the job done. This PC works great for what we do, but your business is different. What you need might be different, too.

Don’t just guess and hope it all works out. The pros at Dell Small Business can help. Chat, call or email an advisor and get free, helpful advice to help you find the right solutions. That’s right. It really is free. You don’t have to buy a thing. You can get smart, reliable help to choose the right tools for your company.

Ready to get started? Call a Dell Technologies Advisor to help you find the right tech for your business needs at 877-ASK-DELL or

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