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Creepy Facebook technology could spy on you through smartphone cameras

I’m sure you know Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites around. There are nearly 2 billion active monthly users worldwide. Remarkable!

The company must be doing something right to attract that many people. One attraction is how the site constantly comes up with new, popular features to improve the experience. However, there is new technology on the way that might just creep you out.

Creepy new Facebook technology

We’re talking about new technology that Facebook has in the works. Researchers at CBI Insight discovered a patent dated back to 2015 that shows the social media company is planning to deliver targeted content to its users based on their emotions.

How it works is, while a user scrolls through Facebook on their smartphone, the app monitors their emotions by capturing facial expressions with the phones’ camera. When a user sees a post that makes them happy, Facebook will know to show them similar content, like targeted ads or related news items.

The following image is from Facebook’s patent detailing the process:

Image: Facebook patent detailing the plan to monitor your emotions to provide targeted content. (Source: CBI Insights)

We’ve known for quite a while that Facebook is already tracking our clicks to provide targeted ads. But monitoring facial expressions is creepy and might scare people away from using the app.

Psst! Click here to learn how to opt-out of Facebook’s ad tracking.

This emotion detection technology is still in the patent stage, so it’s not certain to make it to implementation. In fact, a Facebook spokesperson responded to this article with the following statement: “We often seek patents for technology we never implement, and patents should not be taken as an indication of future plans.”

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