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Confirmed! iPhone 8 won’t have one key feature after all

With all the iPhone 8 rumors swirling around, it can be hard to know what to expect. We’re not even sure about the name. They could skip “iPhone 8” and “iPhone 9” and go straight to iPhone X to mark the phone’s 10th anniversary.

Previous reports have speculated that the home button will move to the back of the phone to make room for a bigger screen. Edge to edge displays, like the ones on the Galaxy S8 and the Microsoft’s Surface Pro, are the latest tech design trend.

According to the latest leak, the iPhone’s screen will be larger and the home button will stay on the front. How will they accomplish both?

“Apple has successfully finalized a solution to integrate Touch ID fingerprint recognition directly into the display of its upcoming iPhone 8,” said a source from the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). This company is one of Apple’s suppliers.

These reports are coming from Economic Daily News, which is a Chinese newspaper that interviewed TSMC at a recent technology convention in Taipei, Tawain. Sources also told the newspaper that the new iPhone will have “invisible infrared image sensors to enhance the functionality of the high-pixel camera.”

Here are some renderings from Tech Driven Times. They show us what an edge to edge display with the embedded fingerprint button could look like.

(If you’re reading this story on the app then click here to see the photos.)

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