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Clock is ticking on Apple’s last product of 2017

Every year, electronic manufacturers make a huge push as we head into the holiday shopping season. They obviously want to make last minute sales to boost the year’s profits. And in many cases, they time product launches around this time of year as well.

Who doesn’t want the latest, coolest, best gadget out there? Apple has had a pretty good year with some high profile releases like the latest iPhones that are one of the year’s hottest items.

But there is one more they hope to squeeze in, Apple’s most powerful machine ever, the iMac Pro.

So what’s the big deal?

We all love how sleek the iMacs are. They have amazing displays and are easy to set up, use, and move should you need to. However, they are lacking when it comes to serious computing power. People who use them for video editing, graphic design, and gaming are left frustrated with sporadic sluggish performance.

That’s why pros often opt for the desktop Mac Pro. But you end up having to buy an external monitor, have cords running everywhere, and its just not as clean as the iMacs are.

Enter iMac Pro

It has more computing power than anyone could dream of, well unless you are NASA, and it looks like a normal iMac! You can order it with a processor meant for servers, the 18-core Intel Xeon to be precise. Pushing a lot of videos? AMD’s Radeon Vega graphics card can be optioned to 16GB to make use of the 27-inch 5K display.

Apple isn’t messing around, this is a serious piece of hardware. But so is the price, the starter model with only the 8-core Xeon will set you back about $5,000. The top spec’d machine with all the bells and whistles could push you over the $10,000 mark. Ouch! But when you need the computing power, it’s never cheap.

Is it here yet?

So this brings us to timing. We only have a few weeks until Christmas, but Apple has been teasing this machine for a December release.

There have been a couple rumors going around that it will launch on December 18. Regardless, if Apple wants to make somewhat of an impact on sales before Christmas, it needs to get moving.


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