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Apple AirTags: 10 clever new ways to use the trackers

When Tile came out with its GPS-style tracking units, there was nothing like it on the market. Suddenly, you could find anything you had lost, as long as it had a Tile on it when you lost it. Genius.

While Tile went without a competitor for a long time, Apple launched its GPS tracker, AirTags. They utilize the same Bluetooth technology that Tile does while also drawing on the power of 8 billion Apple devices circulating the world. If you want to know the differences between Tile and Apple AirTags, tap or click here

Now that AirTags have been out for a while, it’s time to think of new and creative uses to make the purchase worth it. Here are 10 innovative ways to use Apple AirTags.

1. Never misplace the remote again

You likely don’t go a few hours without losing your TV remote if you have kids. Sometimes they can hide them pretty well. Nothing is worse than putting your sweet angels down for the evening and going to turn on the TV and think, wait, where’s the remote? Attach an AirTag with adhesive to the back of your remote and never go without it again.

2. Safeguard your wallet/purse

We hope you don’t lose your purse or wallet, but accidents happen. More importantly, theft happens. If you store an AirTag in any of the compartments in your wallet or purse and it goes missing, you’ll be able to locate it within seconds. If you want to be sneaky, you can sew it into the lining so it isn’t easily removable.

3. Never travel without it

Who hasn’t lost their luggage at the airport? Nothing ruins a vacation more than misplaced luggage. The worst part is, you have to rely on the airline to tell you where your luggage is. Place an AirTag in your suitcase, and if it does end up lost, you’ll be able to locate it right away.

4. Simple way to track Fido

Dogs have a habit of escaping at the worst moments and leave us scrambling to find them. Sometimes we have to search for hours, or even days. Microchipping is an option, but it’s expensive. Consider hanging an AirTag on your dog’s collar, and even if it manages to sneak away, you’ll find him easily. Don’t let your dog steal all the fun, though. You can quickly put an AirTag on your cat or any pet with a collar.

5. Do you have small children?

This is a somewhat controversial topic, but, AirTags can quickly help you locate your children. Of course, it can be nice to slip an AirTag in your child’s pocket in today’s dangerous world and know they are safe when walking to school alone. If you use it on older children, remember, AirTags can help you find them, but it won’t protect you from their glares when they see the AirTag later.

6. Your vehicle

This seems a bit extreme, but for purposes of car theft or teenagers that like to break curfew, you can easily place an AirTag in your glove compartment and locate your car with the quick tap of the button if anything does happen in the future.

7. Bicycles are prime targets for thieves

Bicycle theft is still a severe problem, not just in the U.S. but worldwide. They are compact, small, and sadly, easy to steal. Bike locks can be cut, but an Apple AirTag may be missed or considered a keychain if you hide it appropriately on the bike. Thwart bike thieves in their tracks and get yourself an AirTag.

8. Keys are always hiding in the strangest places

Are you the type of person who loses keys when they are in your hand? AirTag can be placed in a convenient key chain and added to your car keys, house keys, or any other set you think you might use. The next time you can’t find them, just turn on your iPhone.

9. Emergency items

If you suffer from allergies or severe medical conditions, items like an EpiPen warrant an AirTag. EpiPens are rarely used, which means they are more likely to get lost. Save time, and maybe even your own life, by attaching an AirTag to the back of your lifesaving medications so you can find them when you need them.

10. Electronic equipment

The most commonly stolen items in airports are laptops and camera bags. Why? They are easy to snatch and get away with without being noticed, and people tend to leave them hanging on their suitcases where they are easy to grab.

Your laptop or camera is the last thing you want to lose because replacing them will cost a pretty penny, and not everyone can afford that. Use the same idea with your laptop and camera case as you do with your purse, and be sure that your valuables stay in your possession.

Knowing that something can’t be lost can be very reassuring and help you sleep at night. Apple AirTags give you peace of mind without breaking your wallet.

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