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Your tech is gross! 5 things you forget to clean

Bad habits can catch up with you. Like any other chore, keeping your tech clean can almost feel like a full-time job. Tap or click for steps to clean tech the right way.

You probably give your smartphone screen a good wiping down now and then. You might even dust your PC keyboard from time to time. But we’re sure there are tech gadgets that you don’t think about cleaning. No worries. We can help.

Read on for five tech items you probably don’t remember to clean and efficient ways to do the job quickly.

1. The top and back of your TV

If you know, you know. Homeowners are constantly being bombarded with household dust on every possible surface. This includes your TV.

Every once in a while, pull the whole thing out and use a dry microfiber cloth to lift any collected dust. Be sure to get in all those nooks and crannies.

2. Computer fans

When it’s time for your computer to have a spa day, unplug it and open it up. You might notice a lot of dust has accrued inside.

Compressed air is your greatest weapon here. You can blow debris out of your computer by removing the case and holding the fans to keep them still. Use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol to detail the inside.

For a reusable option, we love this high-powered dust blower. Read the full review here.

3. Your computer mouse

Before cleaning your mouse, unplug it or remove its batteries. You can clean it with antibacterial wipes and use toothpicks and cotton swabs to remove junk stuck in any of the cracks in the mouse’s body.

Of course, you should also be doing the same for your keyboard, but we didn’t have to tell you that. Use a keyboard protector to keep things spotless.

4. Video game controllers 

Gamers take heed. Your peripheral devices should also receive the star treatment. Use the same toothpick-and-wipe treatment described above after unplugging them. Our go-to is 70% isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth.

5. Your smartwatch

Your smartwatch’s screen can be cleaned just like your phone’s. It’s the band that usually harbors hidden bacteria and other nasty residues. 

If your wearable has a cloth band, you might be able to wash it (check in with your manufacturer before doing so, of course!). Leather bands will need to be cleaned and conditioned with the appropriate products.

Chains and other metal bands should be cleaned like any other jewelry. Hydrosonic devices are our top pick here.

How to keep tech clean for life

Earbuds, devices in your car and everything in between should all be cared for. You’ll extend the life of your favorites and enjoy them so much more in the years to come. Being careful with tech is one preventative measure, but nothing beats something that looks and feels fresh.

We have recommendations if you’re looking for new gear to maintain your collection. Wearables, screens and chassis, oh my. If you’ve got it, there’s always something you can do to keep it feeling like new forever.

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