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Child locks mother’s iPhone for 48 YEARS and it could happen to YOU

Think about all of the important information that you have on your smartphone. Now imagine losing access to all of that data. Frightening, isn’t it?

Photos and videos are just a couple important items we store on them. Don’t forget about your Contacts. Many of us rely so heavily on those stored Contacts that we couldn’t even make a call to friends or family without it.

Since your gadget holds such critical data, it’s a good idea to set up a passcode to keep snoops and thieves out. But what happens if someone enters the wrong passcode multiple times? You’re not going to believe what happened recently when a woman’s child got a hold of her iPhone and did just this. The scary thing is it could also happen to YOU!

Worst case scenario for entering the wrong passcode

This is a pretty crazy situation. A 2-year-old boy in China entered the wrong passcode into his mother’s iPhone so many times that it ended up being locked for nearly 48 years. Yep, you read that right, 48 years.

What happened was, the unnamed woman gave her device to her son so he could watch educational videos on it. The boy repeatedly entered the wrong passcode and when that happens the consequences escalate. Each time the wrong code is entered, the phone gets locked for a longer period of time.

By the time the woman got the phone back, it was locked for 25 million minutes, which is almost 48 years. It’s unknown how many times the boy entered the wrong code. The image below shows the locked iPhone.

(Note: iPhones are set to lock after 10 failed attempts. To unlock it you need to plug it into your computer and connect to iTunes. The woman in this situation must have had an iPhone that was jailbroken. If you haven’t tampered with your iPhone, you won’t be locked out for 48 years.)

Image: iPhone locked for 25 million minutes. (Source: AsiaWire)

How to unlock your iPhone

Now, hopefully, you never find yourself in this scenario but you never know. If you were ever to be locked out of your iPhone for an extremely long period of time, the best way to alleviate the situation is to do a factory reset. This will unlock your phone but you will also lose everything that was stored on it.

That’s why it’s a good idea to keep a backup of your gadget. After the factory reset you can restore your device to the last time you backed it up. Keep reading to learn how.

Backing up to iCloud

iCloud is a great tool for syncing content between multiple devices. You can sync Contacts, Calendar info, Photos, and much more.

It is also helpful if you lose data on one of your gadgets. By activating iCloud on your device, that data can be stored safely in the cloud. iCloud is also exceptionally great if you wish to backup your entire iOS device.

A feature on iOS devices lets you backup your entire phone to the cloud. This stores everything from iMessages to Photos and Videos.

All you need to do is go to Settings >> iCloud >> and find “iCloud Backup.” This feature once turned on, will make a backup as well as reoccurring backups to help keep your data up to date.

(Note: This feature only works on iOS devices and *not Mac devices.)

It is important to note that using iCloud to sync your content and make backups will take up iCloud storage space. You start out with five free gigabytes, but that can fill up quickly depending on the amount of data you have on your gadget.

So if buying more iCloud storage is not for you, then using hard drive space may be the way to go. Keep reading to find out how.

Backing up to iTunes

The other option for iOS devices is backing up to a computer with iTunes. It makes a backup to your computer’s hard drive.

This is a viable option if you do not want to spend money on iCloud storage. You can backup your iOS gadget to any computer, including one with a Windows operating system, so long as iTunes is up to date.

To back up an iOS device, simply plug it into the computer. From there, select the Device Icon in iTunes, choose “This computer,” and then hit “Back Up Now.

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