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CES 2017 Wrap up – Which products stole the show?

The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show is winding down to an end, but there have been some incredible products! From TVs to cars to routers that do it all, these are the top products that stood out from the crowd.


LG Signature OLED TV W



LG’s new flagship OLED TV is 2.57-millimeters thin. Let me repeat that – 2.57-millimeters thin.

That’s about as thick as a credit card, or two stacked dimes. It’s significantly thinner than an iPhone 7 (7.1 mm). The W-series TVs are also relatively ultra lightweight. The 77-inch version is a mere 27 pounds and the 65-incher is featherweight at 17 pounds (that’s about the weight of a 19-inch LCD flatscreen).

Some of its best features include a multi-purpose soundbar, high-end picture, and high-end sound.

Click here for a full description of LG’s Signature OLED TV.

Samsung’s QLED TVs


Samsung’s QLED TVs, appropriately labeled Q7, Q8 and  Q9, are a marked improvement over its former premium line – 2016’s Quantum Dot models, by way of a higher brightness while taking their screen black levels deeper than ever, essential for a superb HDR (High Dynamic Range) experience.

Hyun Suk Kim, Samsung’s president of Visual Display Business, said the technology will “redefine the television category and usher in a new era of TV.”

Some of its features include peak brightness and real black, clutter-free fiber optic connection, and a gap-free mount.

Click here for a full description of Samsung’s QLED TVs.

Sony’s A1E series 4K HDR OLED TVs

sony-a1eSony’s new A1E series 4K HDR OLED TVs eliminates the need for around-the-bezel speakers (which doesn’t sound that good on modern flatscreens anyway) and moved the sound source to the screen itself.

Dubbed Acoustic Surface technology, the A1E TVs use two transducers located behind the screen to produce 3D “soundscaping.” This allows the pairing of the position of the objects on the screen with the audio, giving the illusion that images are producing their own sound.

This opens up a new area of immersive possibilities. A sound, for example, could follow the movement of a spaceship as it zips across the screen or dialog that sounds like it’s coming straight out of an actor’s mouth.

Click here for a full description of Sony’s OLED TVs.


Next-Gen Ford Fusion Hybrid Self-Driving Car


Self-driving technology seems to be the driving future, and one of the top trailblazers within this industry is Ford. The Next-Gen Ford Fusion Hybrid Self-Driving Car was unveiled this week during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

This amazing vehicle has new tech inside that can scan the road ahead with twice the precision as the previous car that hit the road three years ago. Plus it utilizes mechanical LiDAR pucks that are mounted just above the side mirrors. These pucks create a 360-degree view around the vehicle.

See our full write up of Ford’s upcoming self-driving hybrid by clicking here.

Chrysler Portal


Chrysler showed off its new concept car, the Portal, this week and it’s geared around millennials. The Portal will be capable of going 250 miles on a full charge, has sensor technology that constantly monitors conditions outside and inside the vehicle, and even has built-in cameras so that passengers can take hands-free selfies.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg! Click here to see a full list of features for Chrysler’s Portal concept vehicle.

Other new products

Norton Core

Norton Core

The Norton Core router is specially made to fend off smart appliance hacks. It runs on Norton’s software security and a powerful 1.7 GHZ dual-core processor. It performs inspections and scans on all of the devices connected to it.

You can also put Internet-Of-Things smart appliances on a separate network to further protect your main computers and devices from attacks.

Click here to read a full description of the Norton Core.

Lenovo Smart Assistant


The Lenovo Smart Assistant, a smart speaker enabled with Alexa, will be available for purchase in May 2017. Although it looks very similar to the Amazon Echo, there are some notable differences.

An Amazon Echo comes in black or white; the Lenovo Smart Assistant will be available in green, orange or light gray. An Amazon Echo costs $179.99; the Lenovo Smart Assistant will be $129.99. There will also be a Smart Assistant Harman Kardon® Edition, priced at $179.99.

Click here for the full description of the Lenovo Smart Assistant.

DataTraveler® Ultimate Generation Terabyte (GT)


The DataTraveler® Ultimate Generation Terabyte (GT) holds up to 2 TB (there’s a 1 TB version too) and has USB 3.1 Gen 1 performance (a higher file transfer rate). The flash drive will be available in February but the company has yet to release a price.

In case you were wondering, a 2 TB flash drive can hold 34,000 hours of music, 2,000 hours/80 days of non-stop SD video, 620,000 photos or 1,000 hours of video!

Click here for the full description of the DataTraveler® Ultimate Generation Terabyte (GT).

Huawei Alexa-enabled smartphone


Huawei revealed that the U.S. version of its Mate 9 Android smartphone will have the Alexa digital assistant pre-installed and goes on sale in the U.S. starting January 6.

This will be the first time Amazon’s digital assistant will grace a smartphone.

Huawei describes Alexa on the Mate 9 as a “natural, convenient user interface” to obtain information or perform specific actions similar to what it already does on the Amazon Echo or Amazon Fire gadgets.

The company stated that they are working with Amazon to “develop a rich voice activated consumer experience.”

Check out the Alexa-enabled Huawei Mate 9!

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