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Test your eyes and brain your brain: Try to spot the hidden numbers in this viral optical illusion
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Can you spot the Lucky No. 7s hidden in this image?

Slot machines are fun to play every now and again. But, just like this brainteaser, winning the game isn’t always easy. They say the house always wins — but if you can spot the hidden numbers in this viral brainteaser, you’ll be a proven puzzle master.

There are three lucky number sevens hiding within this myriad of slot machine symbols. Just like many casino games, find the hidden number games can be both fun and challenging. Here’s one brain game that challenges you to find the hidden number within a clever optical illusion.

Overall, gambling is a very delicate balance between skill and luck. Whether it’s Blackjack or the slot machine, the perfect strategy can only take you so far. It always helps to have Lady Luck on your side.

The same can be said for brainteasers

Someone who is very observant could spend several minutes looking for the solution. But someone who doesn’t pay close attention to details could stumble upon the answer.

Here’s the challenge: Find the three hidden sevens in this vivid viral image. To be specific, you’re not looking for the word “seven.” You’re looking for three 7 symbols.

It sounds complex, but the principle is simple. Altogether, you’ll need both skill and luck to find all three 7s among the colorful fruits, jewels, and bar slot machine symbols!

Image credit: Casumo

While you test your eyes and search for the hidden number, you might start wondering about the symbols you’re seeing. After all, casino history is pretty complex — and hard for gambling newbies to understand.

There’s a surprising reason why slot machines have bar symbols on their reels. A bar symbol is not just for decoration: It has a hidden meaning. To put it simply, the bar symbol is generally understood to represent a chewing gum pack.

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Take a break from trying to spot the hidden numbers. Here’s a quick trivia tidbit!

Basically, the U.S. has a long history of anti-gambling laws. As these laws changed over time, the people who owned slot machines had to be flexible to stay in business.

Since these machines were expensive, owners adjusted when gambling was outlawed. To keep the machines around, they switched cash rewards out for candy and gum. Consumers loved pulling the slot for sweet treats, so the trend caught on.

Of course, this doesn’t fully answer the question of “Why do slot machines have bar symbols?” According to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, all signs point to the Bell-Fruit Gum Company. Allegedly, it was the first company that mass-produced machines that dispensed gum for every pull of the lever.

Thus, the bar symbol comes from them. At least, that’s what many historians believe. Now, you have a fun nugget of knowledge under your belt. You can whip it out during trivia night!

Alright, the history lesson is over now. Try to find the secret 7s one last time. After that, it’s probably time to tap out. There’s no shame in surrendering — as long as you learn something.

If you just can’t spot the hidden numbers, here’s the answer

Since the numbers were bright red, they easily blended into the cherries. Check it out:

Image credit: Casumo

Now that you’ve sharpened your eyes and honed your brain, you might want even more visual challenges. If you love games that challenge you to find hidden objects, you’re in luck.

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