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Broken Apple products are calling 911 on their own

Apple designed its phones and watches to be some of the smartest around, able to do far more than traditional phones and watches can.

iPhones make and receive calls, text and email, while also helping you surf the internet, check out Facebook or use other social media channels. Oh, and they also take great pictures and help to track your fitness, too.

On the other hand, the Apple Watch does many of those same things — in a much smaller package — while being better at fitness tracking and looking pretty stylish in the process.

But are they too smart?

The thing is, we feel pretty good when our iPhones and Apple Watches do things on our command. When we press the button for it to call or text or whatever, it responds and does exactly that.

When the phones and watches start doing things on their own, however, is where problems arise. For instance, broken iPhones and Apple Watches have been calling 911 in California.

The calls have been coming from an Apple repair and refurbishing center off Laguna Boulevard, with Elk Grove police saying they’re gotten an average of 20 per day since October. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department has reportedly received 47 such calls this year.

Most of the time there is no one on the other end of the calls, though there are at times what sounds like people talking about Apple, the devices or general maintenance and repair.

Lest you think the broken devices have become self-aware and are seeking assistance, this seems to be a case of the SOS button accidentally being pressed or activated.

But still, we can wonder…

Apple is not yet sure of what is making the calls, the phone or watch, but they are aware of the issue. And while it is kind of funny, it needs to be resolved because when dispatchers are answering a false call, they may be delayed from responding to someone who is actually in need of help.

There have been no reports of an Apple call causing a real problem — yet — but it is something to keep in mind as this continues.

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