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4-year-old rescues unconscious mom with quick thinking and Siri’s help

A few months ago, a 6-year-old in Arkansas made headlines for unlocking her mother’s phone to buy herself extra Christmas gifts. Ashlynd was able to press her mother’s finger against the phone’s fingerprint reader while her mother was fast asleep. Then she opened the Amazon app and started shopping.

And now a 4-year-old in the United Kingdom is getting attention for breaking into his mother’s phone. But instead of buying presents, Roman unlocked the phone so that he could save his mother’s life!

Roman’s mother was lying on the floor unconscious so the little boy knew she needed assistance. He unlocked the phone with her thumb and then asked Siri, the iOS digital assistant, to call for help. Siri called 999, the British emergency number. London’s Metropolitan Police uploaded a recording of the emergency call to YouTube.

Thirteen minutes later, police arrived at his home. Paramedics helped his mother regain consciousness and then took her to the hospital.

Because of this incident, Metropolitan Police said it’s important to teach your child how to call emergency services and their home address. Roman did an amazing job getting help for his mother but he didn’t know that you don’t even need to unlock a phone to call 999. iPhones and Android phones have an emergency button at the bottom of the passcode screen. Make sure you teach your children how to call for help. App background

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