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These are the apps that drain your phone’s battery and storage the most

Mobile devices are exponentially more powerful than a decade ago in both battery power and capabilities. But that has resulted in more taxing apps being developed. Advanced graphics, added functionality, and improvements in coding ensure that mobile phones are utilized to their full potential.

But not all apps are created equal. While something like Twitter isn’t that resource-intensive, mobile games can eat away at graphical capabilities and battery life. Tap or click here for three ways to get more life out of your iPhone or Android battery.

There is a hidden side to mobile apps, though. Several applications that seem innocuous are the biggest culprits for your phone battery draining to a minimum. It isn’t always obvious, but apps that utilize many internal functions cause the most chaos.

Here’s the backstory

It’s nearly impossible to go through the day without using an app. A recent study suggested that 93% of mobile phone users opened a variety of apps daily. Cloud computing company pCloud set out to find the secret phone killers. The apps that drain the most battery power.

For the study, the company looked at three things:

  1. Functions used by the app,
  2. Battery drainage under normal use,
  3. Whether a dark mode is available.

“By combining the results of these three factors, we were able to calculate which of the 100 most popular apps are the most demanding and crown them the ultimate phone killers,” pCloud explained in its research.

The biggest culprits? Fitbit and Verizon apps. Using 14 out of the 16 available phone features, both apps scored 92.31% from pCloud’s calculations. Both apps made use of high-draining functions like:

  1. Camera for photo and video uploads
  2. Location tracking through GPS
  3. Microphone,
  4. Wi-Fi connections
Battery and memory drain
Image courtesy of pCloud

Social media is a killer

Rather unsurprisingly, social media and dating apps are also to blame for dwindling batteries. From the top 20 apps on the list, six of those are social media-related. Given that most social media and dating apps allow for location tracking and uploading photos, it’s expected.

The top 10 social media and dating apps that kill your battery are:

  1. Facebook (82%)
  2. Instagram (79%)
  3. Bumble (77%)
  4. Snapchat (77%)
  5. Tinder (77%)
  6. Grindr (72%)
  7. Likke (72%)
  8. Twitter (69%)
  9. Houseparty (62%)
  10. TikTok (62%)
Battery and memory drain
Image courtesy of pCloud

Your memory is not what it used to be

Battery power isn’t the only precious resource siphoned off by apps. Your phone’s memory (storage space) can also lag due to intense requirements from applications. The app that uses the most space might surprise you. It turns out to be the app for United Airlines.  

The top 10 apps that take up the most space:

  1. United Airlines
  2. Lyft
  3. Uber
  4. Fitbit
  5. Facebook
  6. Uber Eats
  7. PayPal
  8. Microsoft Teams
  9. YouTube
  10. Airbnb
Battery and memory drain
Image courtesy of pCloud

“The study clearly indicates that social media apps are still one of the biggest phone killers when it comes to draining your battery. However, it also highlights that apps such as fitness or travel – which require multiple applications to run in the background – are even more demanding on our phone’s battery and storage systems,” pCloud concluded.

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