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Baffling illusion tricks you into hearing silent GIF! Try it now!

People are always searching for the next big internet sensation. Do you remember the dress optical illusion that went viral?

Millions of people around the globe debated whether the dress was black and blue or white and gold. Which side of the debate did you come down on?

The dress is old news. You won’t believe the latest thing that has the internet all a buzz.

Why is this GIF baffling millions?

The latest viral sensation is a silent GIF that people say they can hear. The image is of three very large electricity pylons.

Someone has created the image to make the pylons look like they are jumping rope. When the pylon in the middle “jumps” the ground shakes like there’s a massive earthquake.

The funny thing is, people say they can hear a “thudding” noise when the pylon lands. Check the GIF out below:

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The GIF was originally posted on Twitter by Dr. Lisa DeBruine. She also asked the question, “Does anyone in visual perception know why you can hear this GIF?”

DeBruine then added a poll asking, “What do you experience when you watch this GIF?” Nearly 100,000 people have taken the poll and over 50 percent say they hear a “thudding sound.”

One Twitter user wrote, “I think you can [hear] it because the visual expresses an implied wave, which your hearing system anticipates and prepares for so the potential sound doesn’t deafen you. The ear basically squints like an eye.”

Dr. Gustav Khun said about the GIF, “Perception is not an exact science and in most cases, our brain makes an educated guess. We use past experience and expectations to estimate what the world is truly like, based on the information our senses provide.

“This illusion works because you have learned that when larger objects fall to the ground, they result in a thumping sound. Some viewers will actually hear the sound, simply because that is what they expect will happen.”

It’s amazing what the human brain can make us believe. Because you’re expecting to hear a thudding sound, some believe they are actually hearing it. What do you think, can you “hear” a noise from this animated GIF? Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts.


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