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Baby dolphin dies after tourists take selfie

The news of this awful sad story is gut-wrenching and unnecessary. Is taking a selfie and posting it to your social media account so important that you take the life of an innocent animal? Unfortunately, that was the case recently in Argentina.

New agencies are reporting that incredibly stupid tourists in the seaside resort of San Bernardo, Argentina, took a small, baby dolphin out of the water for one purpose. That is, they wanted to take selfies with the baby dolphin.

Let me correct myself.

It was not just one person. There was an entire group of vacationers who went into the shallow ocean water, surrounded the baby dolphin, grabbed it, and brought the dolphin to the beach.

Some woman named Claudia said after taking the selfies, “They left it for dead.”

How sick is that? Have we become such narcissists for the perfect photo that we destroy life in the process?

Video posted to Twitter shows the beachgoers taking pictures with the baby dolphin. Below is an image from the video. (Note: If you are using the App, click here to see the image.)

screen-shot-2017-01-29-at-7-52-21-pm App background

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