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Apple’s set to announce new products on Dec. 2

If there’s one thing Apple is known for, besides gorgeous product designs and high price tags, it’s spectacle. The company regularly debuts its products at high-profile keynote events that give the company’s upper management a chance to show off all their new toys. Click or tap here for the highlights of Apple’s previous keynote.

Because Apple puts such a focus on its events each year, they’ve become somewhat predictable. We always get an event in the spring, an event at WWDC and an event later in the fall for iPhones.

But we’ve never gotten an Apple keynote in December — until now. Apple has invited members of the press to attend an event on December 2nd, but nobody really knows what’s up its sleeve. Here’re the latest rumors surrounding this unexpected Apple event.

Apple announces keynote event for December 2, 2019

Apple has begun circulating invitations to the press for an event set to honor the App Store, as well as the best apps released in the past year.


The vague description and mention of “honoring” apps have led to speculations of Apple doling out awards of some kind to the most popular developers of the year. This would be well in line with some of the other circulating hints, which feature gold-plated images of popular app icons.

But, of course, no Apple event is complete without rumors of “one more thing,” or in Apple parlance, “a surprise product announcement!”

One more thing?

Whispers are spreading across the web over a surprise end-of-the-year product announcement from Apple at the keynote, but nobody can agree on what the company will debut. We’ve already seen the launch of the larger 16-inch MacBook Pro, as well as new phones and AirPods. What else is left?

The safest bet is probably new software. Apple has been known to tease upcoming operating systems, apps and services at keynote events, and this would be the easiest surprise to keep under wraps. Physical hardware tends to have supply-chain leaks, and we’ve yet to see anything of the sort.

There have been unsubstantiated rumors of a small Apple accessory that can clip to products you own and allow you to track their location. This is similar to Tile, an IoT device that uses location tracking to help you find things like keys. Click or tap here to learn more about Tile and other handy gadgets under $50.

Still, it may be possible Apple has learned from previous leaks and has gotten better at keeping secrets. Based on what we know, here are the most likely reveals we’d wager a guess on — from most-to-least likely :

  1. Nothing at all
  2. New App Store enhancements or software discounts
  3. Apple Arcade announcements
  4. New service announcement
  5. New operating system announcement
  6. Tracking device announcement
  7. iPad announcement
  8. New product category
  9. iPhone announcement
  10. Mac announcement
  11. Tim Cook announces his retirement
  12. Homepod announcement or update

Either way, we’ll be keeping our readers posted on the latest from Cupertino on December 2, so make sure to check back in for updates.

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