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Apple WWDC 2018 Liveblog

Apple will take the tech limelight once again as its annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) kicks off today (10 AM Pacific) at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California.

WWDC is where the tech giant presents its latest updates to the operating systems running across all of its product lines. It is also a venue for its unveiling of new hardware and services that are on the horizon. It will truly be another exciting week not just for Apple fans but for technology aficionados in general.

We are expecting software and hardware updates from the tech giant- new Macs, new iPads, maybe the new iPhone SE2 and of course, updates to iOS, macOS, AppleTV and watchOS.

Join us as we do a blow-by-blow live blog of Apple’s big event as it happens.

Note: While you’re reading this liveblog, you can also watch Apple’s official video stream on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using Safari on iOS 10 or later, a Mac using Safari on macOS Sierra 10.12 or later, or a PC using Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge. 

WWDC 2018 Liveblog

Keep checking this page for the latest updates. The keynote event starts at 10 AM PST.

12:17: WWDC 2018 is history and as I pointed out earlier, it was all about software. Sorry, no new hardware this time.

12:15: And it’s a wrap!

12:11: Similar to how the event started, a video about developers is closing the event. This time it features their families.

12:10: Tim Cook is back onstage for a summary. Looks the event is almost over.

12:09: That’s it for macOS Mojave.

12:08: More developer-centric updates. It’s the cross-platform (iOS and macOS) platform that was rumored. It’s coming in 2019.

12:05: “Are you merging iOS and MacOS?” “NO!”

12:03: Create ML is now available for developers. It’s a native macOS deep machine learning training system.

12:01: The real-time Unity graphics rendering demo looks impressive!

12:01: Federighi is back onstage for macOS Metal graphics updates.

11:59: Microsoft’s Office 360 is coming to the Mac App Store!

11:59: App reviews are also more prominent.

11:58: The new Mac App Store will get a sidebar and new tabs: Discover, Create, Work, Play, Develop, Categories, Updates.

11:57: Mac App Store is getting a new redesign.

11:55: Next up. Mac App Store updates.

11:54: Safari is cracking down on trackers and cookies with a “Do you want to be tracked” dialog box.

11:53: New privacy controls for Camera, Location, Microphone, Safari Data, backups, cookies, message history, mail database are in binding on Mojave.

11:52: Next up, Privacy and Security improvements on Mojave.

11:50: Mojave is getting new apps like News, Stocks, Voice Memos and Home.

11:48: New Continuity Camera allow your iPhone camera photos to appear immediately in your Mac’s documents folder.

11:46: macOS Screenshots is also getting improvements in Mojave including instant access to editing tools! Plus screen capture for video, as well.

11:45: macOS Quick Look now integrates Markup.

11:43: A new Finder sidebar is also coming in Mojave. This sidebar has a lot of new options and details.

11:43: Finder gets a new view called “Gallery View.” This displays a big image of the file at the top and puts all the files in a strip at the bottom.

11:41: Mojave is also introducing “Desktop Stacks”. With this, all your items on your desktop can now be stacked based on their type.

11:39: New on macOS Mojave is Dark Mode.

11:37: New macOS is called “Mojave.”

11:36. Craig is now onstage for what’s new on macOS.

11:35: Cook is back with macOS updates.

11:34: This is awesome. A new Aerial from the ISS Space Station. Majestic!

11:33: Nice. The Aerial screensavers will now show the location where they were shot.

11:32: This will be ultra convenient – “Zero sign-on.” If you’re on your TV provider’s broadband network, it will auto detect and sign you into compatible Apple TV apps.

11:31: Charter Spectrum is going to the Apple TV.

11:29: Apple TV app is getting more live sports and live news. Over a 100 channels are now availble.

11:27: Apple TV 4K will be the only streaming box that’s both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos certified.

11:26: Dolby Atmos is coming to the Apple TV 4K!

11:25: Next up, Cook is back onstage for Apple TV updates.

11:44: New “Pride” bands and watch faces are coming today.

11:23: Student ID cards are coming to Apple Watch. This will be quite useful.

11:21: Walkie Talkie is really cool! Sounds like Alexa’s Drop-in except it’s on your wrist.

11:18: Live demo of watch OS 5’s new workout tracking features – Gym Kit, Competitions, even interactive notifications and Siri shortcuts.

11:16: The Podcast app is now available for watchOS 5.

11:14: Next up, new Siri watch faces with more notifications and shortcuts. This watch face will also get support for third-party apps.

11:13: watchOS 5 introduces a new instant voice messaging app called “Walkie Talkie”! This will be handy!

11:12: Next up, watchOS 5’s connection features.

11:10: Apple Watch now has automatic workout detection.

11:09: watchOS now has “Activity Competitions” with your friends and new workout types like Yoga and Hiking.

11:08: First up, watchOS 5’s Health and Fitness features.

11:08: Kevin Lynch onstage talking about watchOS 5.

11:06: watchOS 5 is coming today!

11:05: Great story about Apple Watch saving lives.

11:04: Tim Cook back with Apple Watch updates.

11:03: That’s it for iOS 12 – Performance improvements, Siri Shortcuts. Memojis, App Limits, Do Not Disturb, Group FaceTime!

11:01: Memojis will work in FaceTime too.

11:00: Group FaceTime demo is up. I like the different-sized windows. Very cool!

10:59: Whoa! Group FaceTime is coming. Can support up to 32 sessions!

10:58: FaceTime updates are up next.

10:57: Brand new features are coming to the Messages camera, as well. Effects like new filters, objects, stickers,  text effects and even live Animoji filters!

10:55: Of course, a Memoji builder demo is underway.

10:53: Whoa, new selfie avatar emojis called Memojis are coming.

10:53: New Animojis are on their way:  Ghost, Koala, Tiger and a T Rex.

10:52: Next, updates to Animojis. A new feature called “Tongue Detection.” Wait, what?

10:51: App Limits and Screen Time settings and stats are available and synced across iOS devices.

10:49: There’s another new feature called App Limits. With this, you can set usage time limits for any app.


10:48: Grouped Notifications are coming in iOS 12!

10:47: You can now set “Do not disturb during bedtime”. This will hide notifications at a set time.

10:45: Federighi is back onstage introducing a new iOS 12 feature that limits digital distractions. Is this the rumored “Digital Health” feature?

10:44: Whoa! In iOS 12, CarPlay will support third-party navigation apps.

10:43: iBooks is getting a new name – Apple Books. It also gets a new store.

10:44: Voice Memos app was completely rebuilt. Voice Memos is also coming to the iPad.

10:42: Stocks is coming to Apple News. Stocks is also coming to iPad.

10:41: Apple News app gets a new “Browse” tab. A News sidebar is available on iPad.

10:40: Next up. Apple app updates!

10:38: Demo shows how Siri can suggest text options, an “Add to Siri” option on apps like Kayak and tons of other cool Siri shortcuts.

10:37: Real-time demo of Siri’s new Shortcuts feature.

10:35: Users can now create their own Siri shortcuts via the new “Shortcuts” app.

10:34: Siri can also do suggestions right on the lock screen.

10:33: Next up, Siri updates. It looks like Siri is getting a new feature called “Shortcuts.”

10:31: New feature in Photos called “For You.” It’s a tab with suggested photos, tags, shares and locations.

10:24: Federighi back with updates to Photos. It looks like Photo Search will be improved in iOS 12. Indexing will be done by time and place.

10:23: Next, ARKit 2. Lego’s Martin Sanders is introducing an ARKit 2 enabled Lego mobile game. Looks fantastic!

10:21: This new app will automatically detect the dimensions and measurements of an object via the camera.

10:19: Federighi is back and he’s introducing a new AR measurement app appropriately called “Measure.”

10:17: iOS 12 Augmented Reality updates are next. Abhay Parasnis, EVP and CTO of Adobe, onstage to discuss Adobe Creative Cloud’s AR features.

10:16: On iOS 12 Apps launch 40 percent faster, keyboard appears 50 percent faster, and the camera opens 70 percent faster on older devices.

10:15: As expected, iOS 12 updates will focus on performance and reliability.

10:14: Great news! iOS 12 will be available to all devices running iOS 11.

10:13: Federighi says iOS customer satisfaction rate is at 95 percent.

10:11: First up. Craig Federighi is onstage introducing iOS 12.

10:10: Apple is announcing updates for its four operating systems.

10:09: Cook talking about Swift and the importance of coding.

10:08: This week, developers have earned over $100 billion from the App Store.

10:07: 500 million App Store visitors each week.

10:06: 20 million App Store developers around the world! The App Store is turning 10 this year, too.

10:05: Tim Cook takes the stage. Welcome to WWDC 2018!

10:03: This video is quite funny. I wonder if the real David Attenborough is narrating it? Sure sounds like him!

10:02: A “Planet Earth-style documentary” about developers kicks it off.

10:01: And it begins.

9:58: The wall of apps definitely looks pretty.

9:55: Stream is live. Music from the band Mainland is playing.

9:50: 10 minutes to go. Are we also going to see an upgrade to Apple’s entry-level iPhone? The iPhone SE 2 may come with an upgraded, faster processor at the same price point as its predecessor.

9:41: Another new product I want to see is an upgraded Apple Watch with new health sensors. Is this the year we’re going to see the Apple Watch blood glucose sensor? That will be truly groundbreaking.

9:28: Half an hour to go. It looks like attendees are being treated with a huge “wall of apps” onstage.

9:17:  There are no big rumors about macOS 10.14 but we might see a new cross-integration feature between iOS and macOS apps.

9:11: Bad news. The online Apple Store is still up. This means we might not see new hardware at this event.

8:51: iOS 12 announcements should include the rumored home screen overhaul, improved CarPlay, new augmented reality features, and a new iOS time-management tool called “Digital Health.

8:48: Another hardware surprise may be the second-gen AirPods with updated features.

8:39: We might also see the launch of the long overdue AirPower, a charging mat that can wirelessly juice up your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously.

8:35: And maybe a 13-inch MacBook with a Retina Display.

8:33: One exciting possibility is a bezel-less Face ID enabled iPad Pro.

8:25: We’re still expecting the unveiling of major feature updates for iOS 12 but as we reported earlier this year, some of the big changes might be delayed until 2019.

8:20: Aside from the software updates, particularly iOS 12, I think most Apple fans want to see a new iPad Pro and a MacBook refresh.

8:00: Do you want to get an idea of what to expect from Apple today? Click here for my predictions.

7:52: Good morning! As usual, Tim Cook is up early for the big event!

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