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Apple watch saves teen from kidney failure

The Apple Watch can do many things, most of which are good for helping us get through the day. Whether it’s email, social media, helping with phone calls or simply being a watch, it truly is an impressive device.

It can also help us stay healthy, tracking our workouts and motivating us to get off the couch every now and then to exercise. But along with that, it can also track our heart rate, which has many positive implications.

For instance, letting us know if something is wrong. Apple CEO Tim Cook relayed a story that, when you think about it, makes the Apple Watch even more impressive.

The watch may have saved someone’s life

A Tampa Bay teenager’s life, more specifically. It all started when 18-year-old Deanna Recktenwald’s watch notified her that her resting heart rate reached 160 beats per minute. Given that she was sitting at church, this obviously should not have been the case.

Deanna’s mother, who was with her at the time, is a nurse and while not worried, checked her daughter’s pulse. She realized the watch’s reading was accurate, but thought it may have been a fluke.

However, over the next few hours the watch kept up with its alarm, at one point saying Deanna’s heart rate reached 190 beats per minute. So they went to a walk-in clinic, where the rapid heartbeat was confirmed.

Deanna was rushed to an emergency room, where doctors diagnosed her with kidney failure due to chronic kidney disease. They determined that both of her kidneys were operating at just 20 percent, which means she will likely require a transplant in the future.

The Recktenwalds were so thankful for the watch, which might have very well saved Deanna’s life, that her mother wrote a note to Apple to let them know. She explained in detail what happened, making sure to point out that she believes the Apple Watch saved her daughter’s life.

Not surprisingly, Cook responded to the email.

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Though this story is gaining attention due to Cook’s response and subsequent tweeting of the story itself, odds are more people have similar stories. People have Apple Watches for all sorts of reasons — Deanna’s was a Christmas gift — and while no one ever thinks it could save their life, this is an example of how one could.

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