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Looking to switch to an iPhone? Here’s the new list of Androids you can trade-in

Samsung and Google have been giving iPhone a run for its money lately. Every year loyal phone users wait for the newest release of their flagship model. Each competitor tries to outpace each other with the best camera, battery life and most impressive features. While many are loyal to one brand, we’ve all seen the new Samsung or iPhone and been tempted to switch sides.

If you’ve grown tired of your Android device and been tempted to join the iPhone loyalists, you are in luck. While Apple has long had a trade-in program, it’s recently made it much better. The best part? You can trade in more than just iPhones. Tap or click here to find out how to get an iPhone 12 without paying a dime.

Apple has recently updated its trade-in program to include even more Android devices to tempt those who are considering purchasing Apples’ latest technological marvel, the iPhone 12 Pro Max. If you are looking to switch to an iPhone, read on to find out which devices you can swap to join Apple’s forces.

Here’s the backstory

There’s a reason we all avoid going to the DMV until the last possible second. We hate complicated processes and waiting forever in line to fix a problem. Apple’s trade-in program takes all the hassle out of trading in your old phone.

And now Apple has made transitioning from Android easier than ever. Previously Apple would only accept a few Android models as trade-ins. However, the list of eligible Android’s has just been expanded. (Note: keep reading for a list of newly eligible devices.)

You can choose from one of two easy options when trading in your device: head to an Apple store or mail it in. Heading in-store is the easiest, but you can choose to do it by mail if you want to avoid spending time in line. Apple provides a pre-paid shipping label or a pre-paid trade-in kit making the process easy peasy.

By Mail:

  • Take Apple’s easy quiz about your phone brand and its quality to get an approximate trade-in value.
  • Print out a pre-paid shipping label or request your free trade-in kit.
  • Pack up your phone and send it to Apple.
  • The trade-in value is valid for 14 days.
  • Apple will credit your recent purchase for the device’s amount or send you the amount on an Apple gift card.


  • Head to your local Apple store.
  • Bring your trade-in eligible device and hand it to the store associate for inspection.
  • If accepted, you’ll receive instant credit towards your preferred device or an Apple gift card.

Before trading in your old device, it’s a good idea to back it up, so you don’t lose contacts, important files or precious photos. We recommend using our sponsor, IDrive.

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What phones are eligible for the trade-in program?

Now for the phone part. Which phones are eligible and how much can you get towards your purchase of a fancy new iPhone 12 Pro Max? Apple recently added Google Pixel 4a, Google Pixel 5, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 to the list and there are many others eligible for the program.

Here are some of the most popular eligible phones:

  • iPhone X and XR – Up to $220
  • iPhone 8 Plus – Up to $180
  • Samsung Galaxy S20+ – Up to $305
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+ – Up to $250
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 – Up to $180
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 – Up to $125
  • Samsung Note 20 – Up to $425
  • Google Pixel 5 – Up to $350
  • Google Pixel 4 XL – Up to $200
  • Google Pixel 4a – Up to $180

Head here for a full list of trade in options.

With new additions to the trade-in program, now is the time to consider switching from your Android phone and make the leap to Apple. Still undecided? Tap or click here for a closer look at Apple’s iPhone 12 models.

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