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Apple rumors: iPhone 8 case offers sneak peek at design details

Raise your hand if you wish September could come a bit faster! If you’re an Apple fan, you’re probably counting down the days just like we are. In September, the highly-anticipated iPhone 8 will be released -at least if everything goes according to plan. Click here to see why many Apple fans may have to wait even longer.

We’ve shared some pretty exciting iPhone 8 rumors in the past, and it’s always fun when something new comes out that confirms or debunks one of the popular myths. Now, a photo has been leaked online that offers clues to what the finished product may look like.

At first glance, this image doesn’t look too exciting. After all, it’s just a clear plastic case. But it’s what we can tell from this clear plastic case that makes it worth mentioning.

This image was leaked by KK Sneak Leaks on Twitter and is believed to be a case for the new iPhone 8. With that in mind, we can now examine things a bit closer and see that one of the biggest iPhone 8 rumors may have just been confirmed. If the case is real, then this would confirm that the iPhone 8 will come with a vertical dual-lens camera.

We shared this with you recently when images of a dummy model began spreading online. If you missed those photos, click here to see what the actual iPhone 8 could look like.

This wouldn’t be the first time a dual-lens camera appeared on an Apple device. The iPhone 7 Plus features two side by side cameras that shoot like one. These cameras are capable of a 2x optical zoom, and 10x digital zoom with a clear resolution.

The iPhone 8’s camera is expected to be even better, and could potentially include 3D facial recognition. These 3D sensors could open doors for more augmented reality features, and even enhance security. Click here for more details on the iPhone 8’s revolutionary camera.

Beyond the speculation around the camera, there is also a chance that this elongated opening could be for some type of fingerprint sensor. With Touch ID, you could authorize payments or perhaps unlock your phone by resting your finger over the button.

Screen size is another rumor that’s been floating around, which this image would seem to confirm. It’s believed that the iPhone 8 will have a 5.8-inch OLED screen with curved edges.

All in all, it’s been good news for the upcoming iPhone. However, there are a few things that might be deal-breakers. Click here for one drastic iPhone 8 change you’re probably going to hate.

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