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Apple releases 2017 Christmas ad with a continuity error at end

Every year, top retailers release truly artistic and creative commercials that spread warmth and good cheer for Christmas. Apple’s 2017 Christmas commercial was just released and it’s getting a lot of attention, maybe for the wrong reasons.

First, let me tell you more about it. The Apple commercial spotlights the incredible talents of professional dancers Christopher Grant and Lauren Yatango-Grant. The moves this married couple make are breath-taking.

Of course, the commercial is spotlighting and selling the iPhone X. It also features Apple’s Airpods.

The commercial begins by showing Lauren as she walks along the snowy streets while listening to Sam Smith’s song Palace on her iPhone X and her Apple Airpods.

She’s dancing, smiling, and totally in her own world until she bumps into Christopher. She shares her song, her dance, and her AirPods with Christopher.

Watch the commercial below and at the end, pay very close attention to the Airpods. Spoiler Alert: Christopher’s AirPod mysteriously disappears but Lauren is still wearing hers. Intentional or not? App background

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