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What to expect from Apple’s huge product launch

On Tuesday, September 12, Apple will finally reveal the products we’ve all been waiting for. We’ll be live blogging all of the action, so you’ll have updates as soon as they happen. But, in the meantime, you’re probably wondering what Apple already has in the works.

We’ve been covering all of the Apple rumors, especially for the iPhone 8, all year long. And now, we’re so excited to see the final product that’s unveiled. If you’d like a sneak peae, here’s a quick roundup of everything we know.

It is expected that we will see three separate iPhone models in 2017 – two “s” models that will likely be just upgraded versions of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and a third premium version that will rock all the rumored groundbreaking technologies.

The premium model is expected to sport a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge, bezel-less screen, no home button, a gesture based system, 3D facial scanning, a stainless steel and glass body and smart camera functions.

All three models are expected to have wireless charging and IP68 waterproofing.

Despite the countless leaks and near-confirmations, questions still abound and even though we’re less than two weeks away from the launch, big rumors are still coming in.

No iPhone 7 s models?

First off, there’s been speculation that Apple is not tagging the premium iPhone with the number “8” suffix.

Some are suggesting that it might even be named “iPhone X” (this year marks the iPhone’s 10th anniversary and X is the Roman numeral for 10).

Or maybe Apple could go with “iPhone Pro,” similar to its higher-end iPad Pro line.

However, reliable Apple blog site 9to5Mac revealed that its sources in Shenzen, China are saying that two reputable case makers are scrambling to update their packaging and SKUs with the names of the new iPhones.

Grab a chair because you might be surprised. The names of the new iPhones are reported as follows:

  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone Edition

This could be the real deal since September 12, the official iPhone 8 unveiling, is less than two weeks away. Apple and its manufacturing partners have surely begun mass producing the new iPhones and their respective accessories by now. It’s most likely that some of the workers have already seen the planned packaging materials.

The “iPhone Edition” name rumor is nothing new. In fact, we reported on it a few months ago when the news first broke out. The “Edition” moniker is actually in line with what Apple is doing with its premium (read: expensive) Apple Watch models named “Watch Edition.”

If this premium iPhone will be at least $999, then it makes sense for Apple to tag it with the “Edition” badge.

Update: A more recent leak revealed that the premium iPhone will be named “iPhone X” after all.

Now, does this mean Apple is skipping the whole iPhone 7s generation?

It was previously thought that we will be getting the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and the premium iPhone 8 this year but if the names are real, then these new iPhones will be game-changing since they will disrupt Apple’s clockwork-like regular “s” model upgrade cycle.

Now this will be terribly confusing in the future. Will Apple go with “iPhone 8s,” “iPhone 8s Plus” and “iPhone s Edition” next year? Or will it drop the “s” line completely?

Well, after September 12, we’ll have another year of iPhone 9 rumors to sort through, right?

Screen embedded Touch ID fingerprint sensor?

Another major development in Apple land this week was the granting of USPTO patent number 9,747,488.

What’s this patent for? Well, it’s titled “Active sensing element for acoustic imaging systems” and it could very well be Apple’s under-the-screen fingerprint sensor technology. It describes a method of gathering fingerprint biometric data through ultrasonic transmission and detection.

In other words, this new method uses sound to read fingerprints.

This is good news since it was reported that Apple was having technical issues with embedding the Touch ID fingerprint sensor within the iPhone 8’s OLED screen.

Now, since the “iPhone Edition” will likely ditch the traditional home button and may move on to gesture-based functions, fans are wondering where the Touch ID fingerprint sensor will be moved.

Some are saying that Apple could go the Samsung route and move it to the back of the device (maybe even incorporated within the rear Apple logo) but other rumors say that they’re removing the Touch ID altogether and will rely on 3D facial recognition for biometric authentication.

At any rate, we’re hoping that this under-the-screen fingerprint sensor technology will still make it to the premium “iPhone Edition.”

Are you excited yet? You know we are! Join us on September 12 for a blow-by-blow live blog of the most awaited tech event of the year!

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