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Apple is offering a free fix for these faulty accessories

Apple gets a lot of criticism for its high prices and unusual release strategies. But one thing critics and fans can both agree on is the company’s dedication to customer service and support.

That’s why when your phone breaks, you don’t feel completely screwed over. Visiting an Apple Store for repairs might feel overwhelming at first, but if you know what you’re doing, the process can be smoother than you might expect. Tap or click here to learn how to get repairs done at the Apple Store.

And now, Apple is offering another support option to customers for one of its faulty products. Several defective battery charging cases were discovered, prompting the company to give away free replacements.

If your charging case isn’t packing as much punch anymore, here’s how you can get a new one.

Bad batteries, free fix

Customers who purchased a Smart Battery Case from Apple in 2019 may be eligible for a free replacement due to defects found in the accessory’s design.

According to an Apple bulletin, units made between January and October of 2019 feature a series of issues where they intermittently charge the attached phone or respond to a lightning connector.

The company is also stressing this is not a safety concern, but rather a quality control one. Affected units will receive free replacements, and Apple Store employees have already been advised on the internal processes for this service.

This is similar to Apple’s previous Macbook Pro battery replacement program, which addressed quality issues on a select number of Macbook Pro batteries. Tap or click here to learn more about Apple’s battery replacement initiative.

Is my charging case eligible?

Apple stated only the following charging cases are eligible for replacement. All of the affected models were made between January and October 2019, and store employees will likely check the case’s serial number to verify.

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To get service, you’ll need to either contact an Authorized Service Provider or make an appointment for the Genius Bar.

To make an appointment, tap or click here to visit Apple’s support portal. Then, select iPhone from the provided options, followed by Battery & Charging. Then, select Battery Replacement. You’ll then be asked to enter your Apple ID and password, as well as select a time and a store location to confirm your appointment.

If you don’t have an Apple Store nearby, Best Buy is one of the aforementioned stores that provides authorized support. Just make sure to give them a call before dropping in to see if their processes differ.

For more details on how to book an appointment for Genius Bar support, or how to get help from an Authorized Service Provider, tap or click here.

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