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Apple makes these paid apps now FREE

Are you a Mac, iPhone or iPad owner who would want to create music or produce videos? Or maybe you’re looking for an excellent collection of office applications? If you have an older Apple gadget and you haven’t tried this awesome collection of iWork and iLife apps, then you’re in luck.

Apple’s productivity apps are now finally free for everyone to enjoy. Yep, Apple’s Microsoft Office competitor, the iWork suite (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) and its media creation apps, iMovie and Garageband, are now free downloads for all Mac and iOS owners.

These apps were previously free downloads that came with every new purchase of a Mac, iPhone or iPad made on or after September 1, 2013. Now, even owners of older Apple gadgets can download them for free.

This is quite a generous offering from the tech giant. iOS iMovie and GarageBand used to be $4.99 each while iOS Pages, Numbers and Keynote were $9.99 each. The Mac versions were pricier – iMovie for Mac was $14.99 and Mac Pages, Numbers and Keynote were $19.99 each. (Mac GarageBand is priced at $4.99.)

Although anyone who has purchased an iPhone, iPad or Mac in the past few years already has these apps in their library, owners of older Apple gadgets now have full access to this killer lineup of productivity apps free of charge.

And there are plenty of reasons why everyone should try them now. iOS GarageBand and iMovie remain as the benchmarks in pocket media creation and their Mac counterparts are easy to learn apps to get you started with multimedia productions.

Pages, Numbers and Keynote are full-featured office productivity apps that can ably replace Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Why the pricing shift? 9to5Mac speculates that this change is one more sign that 32-bit Apple gadgets and 32-bit apps will no longer get support with the arrival of iOS 11 this year. (32-bit Apple gadgets that will be rendered obsolete soon include the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and the fourth-generation iPad.)

By making the apps free, customers on older devices will no longer have to pay for the unsupported versions of these apps.

To get these free Apple applications now, just follow these links:

Pages – (word processor)

Pages (iOS)

Pages (Mac)

Numbers – (spreadsheet app)

Numbers (iOS)

Numbers (Mac)

Keynote – (slideshow presentation creation)

Keynote (iOS)

Keynote (Mac)

GarageBand – (music production)

GarageBand (iOS)

GarageBand (Mac)

iMovie – (video editing)

iMovie (iOS)

iMovie (Mac)

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