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Apple fires iPhone X engineer after daughter’s hands-on video goes viral

Update 11/1/2017: The original video that was featured in this article has been taken down from YouTube, but nothing is ever truly removed from the internet. If you still wish to see the video, search YouTube for “Apple engineer daughter” and you are sure to find a re-post.

With all the hype around the upcoming iPhone X, it can sometimes be too easy to get swept up in it. This hype came with unfortunate side effects for one Apple engineer who has been dismissed following a viral video that seems to have violated the company’s policies.

YouTube vlogger Brooke Peterson released a video last week of a trip to Apple’s Campus, where she visited Cafe Macs and showed off a hands-on demo of the new iPhone X. The video itself feels like a benign demonstration of some of the highly anticipated iPhone X features, like the iPhone X face ID, Camera and Animoji.

Vlogger Consequences are Real

Unfortunately for Peterson’s father, the filming of this unreleased handset violated several policies at Apple, where he worked as an engineer. In a tearful followup video the daughter, Brooke, reveals that her father was fired as a result of her video.

Filming, in general, is strictly prohibited on Apple’s campus, so filming an unreleased new product seems to be a definite violation. This news feels reminiscent of a similar story where a Microsoft employee was let go when his son posted pictures of an unreleased Xbox 360.

The video does show off some of the iPhone X features. Peterson demonstrates Animojis as an alien emoji mocks her father’s facial features and speaks to the camera. The family even uses the Apple Pay feature to purchase their meal at Cafe Macs. Peterson’s father said, “I did Apple Pay on the phone, so I wanted to test it.”

Aside from an employee only QR code and a few notes with the code names of upcoming projects, nothing new was learned about the new Apple phone. Well, maybe one thing, verbally we should refer to this device as the iPhone “10” rather than the iPhone “X.”

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