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Apple’s new wireless charger has 2 huge downsides

The iPhone 12 is already looking like a big hit for Apple. According to a recent survey, one in three Americans plan on buying a new iPhone — and that’s in spite of the economic downturn caused by COVID-19. Most companies wish they could be so lucky.

Why the sudden interest in new phones? Well, in addition to features like 5G, the iPhone 12 is the first iPhone model in several years to feature a brand new design. Unfortunately, these advancements come with drawbacks. Tap or click here to see the hidden downsides of Apple’s latest iPhones.

One of iPhone 12’s new features, the MagSafe charger, is already generating controversy. It’s slow to charge the phone, leaves imprints on cases and can even disable your payment cards. If you plan on getting a new iPhone 12, here’s what you need to know.

MagSafe isn’t so safe for your wallet

One of the coolest new features is MagSafe — a holdover from Apple’s old laptops that uses magnets to make a charging cable that can safely disconnect when tugged. Not only does the new iPhone support MagSafe for wireless charging, but it also offers a whole range of accessories that take advantage of the technology.

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Unfortunately, these new designs may have been a bit premature — especially the wallet accessory and soft silicone cases from Apple.

According to a new support article from Apple itself, cards, security badges, passports or key fobs with magnetic strips or RFID technology may stop working after exposure to the MagSafe charger.

That’s because magnets inside the charger work in sync with magnets inside the phone. Double exposure to magnets may be too much for the sensitive strip of certain cards or small RFID chips to handle.

In the support document, Apple says users with wallet cases or card-holders should remove them before using the MagSafe charger. This is a weird statement to make considering Apple sells a wallet accessory that sticks to the back of the iPhone 12 with magnets. We’re getting mixed messages here.

Not just the wallet accessory

But Apple’s wallet accessory isn’t the only thing at risk for trouble from the MagSafe charger. According to numerous reports from forums and social media, the magnetic cable is leaving unusual imprints on the back of soft leather and silicone cases made by Apple.

This led to Apple updating the support document above with a warning that a circular imprint may show up on the back of leather cases. This isn’t a world-ending problem, but it’s unusual that Apple would sell a product that damages one of its other products.

Then again, the entire MagSafe cable seems troubled from the start. According to TomsGuide, the new 12W MagSafe charger takes an hour to charge the iPhone 12 to 50%. That means you won’t have a full battery after more than two hours of charging!

Thankfully, both of these issues are easy to avoid. If you want to protect your cards and iPhone case, don’t buy the MagSafe charger. It doesn’t come with the phone, so you aren’t forced to use it by any means. If you still want to take advantage of wireless charging, all Qi-compatible chargers will work with iPhone 12.

This wireless charger from Anker is a great substitute. You won’t be able to move your phone around like you can when the MagSafe is attached, but it can charge your phone without leaving an imprint.

That said, we’d still remove the MagSafe wallet before charging. All things considered, it doesn’t seem too wise to leave a bunch of your cards in between magnets no matter who makes the accessory.

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