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App-ocalypse! Thousands of iOS apps to be wiped out on next update!

Are you looking forward to Apple’s next major iOS update? iOS 11 is expected to roll out in September, just in time for this year’s new iPhones. As usual, along with the new features that it will surely bring are major changes that millions of users may not like.

One big change with iOS 11 that you ought to know is its move to a pure 64-bit environment, marking the end of 32-bit app support. This switch will inevitably kill off more than 200,000 apps that are still coded for the 32-bit environment. Yep, about 8 percent of all apps currently in the Apple App Store can be potentially killed off!

Actually, Apple has been slowly transitioning app developers to update their apps to make them 64-bit compatible. You may have seen the “may slow down your iPhone” warning on certain apps, urging developers to “improve compatibility.” Well, with iOS 11, this warning may not be necessary since these older apps will no longer work.

To further stress the importance of 64-bit compliance for users and app developers, the latest public beta of iOS 10.3 has a new set of warnings and a new “App Compatibility” section under Settings.

The new “App Compatibility” menu has a list of all the older 32-bit apps installed in your iOS gadgets that will require a 64-bit update soon. Again, Apple warns that “these apps may slow down your iPhone” and adds that they will no longer work with “future versions of iOS.” The warning then spurs the user to contact the app developer if no update is available.

This is the sternest reminder yet for developers and hopefully, by getting iOS gadget owners involved, the havoc of the 64-bit transition will be minimized as much as possible.

Are some of your favorite iOS apps still stuck in the past? Drop us a comment.

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