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App detects heart attacks almost as well as EKGs

You know that smartphone apps are fun and useful. You might use the Uber app to get around town or the Amazon app to do your Christmas shopping.

But you may not know that smartphone apps can save your life. Heart monitor apps are now readily available on fitness trackers like Fitbit, smartphones and smart watches like Apple Watch 4.

This is good news for your health. These apps are rapidly advancing to become life-saving tools that you have in your pocket.

Now, a new study shared by the American Heart Association found that a new smartphone app is nearly as effective at determining a specific type of heart attack called STEMI, which can be deadly because it’s caused by a blocked artery, as an EKG (Electrocardiogram) machine that you’d be attached to in a hospital.

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Many people may not know they’re having a heart attack or may think it’s not as serious as it is. STEMI heart attacks must be treated fast to prevent disability or death. That’s what’s great about this new app, that it can detect that heart attack almost as well as an EKG.

Using the two contact points on an Apple Watch 4, this app was able to detect that heart attack almost as well as an EKG, which uses 12 points of contact.

The American Heart Association recently discussed this app at its 2018 Scientific Session.

This app has huge implications for detecting a STEMI heart attack at home before paramedics arrive. It will also be far easier to use the app when you’re traveling and don’t have easy access to a hospital.

When you can get this life-saving app

This life-saving app is still in development so it’s not yet available. For now, an Apple Watch 4 is the best way to check on your health. Also, there are other heart monitor apps available that can be helpful in monitoring your heart’s health.

Keep reading Happening Now. We’ll update you on this life-saving app and others as they become available.

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