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Android users have a new 911 emergency location service

Smartphones have only been commonplace for a little over a decade. But can you even remember a time without them?

These handy gadgets are extremely powerful. So much so that modern-day smartphones are faster, and have larger storage capacity than most home computers from the early 90s.

And they are getting better all the time. Not just more spectacular cameras either. Now there are life-saving services being added.

New feature can help save lives

Google recently announced it’s expanding the life-saving Android Emergency Location Service (ELS) that debuted in 2016. It’s been available in 14 countries previously, but now it’s coming to the U.S.

It’s designed to pinpoint your exact location, so when you call 911 from an Android gadget, emergency responders can easily find you. Google said,”More than 80 percent of emergency calls come from mobile phones, but locating these phones can be challenging as traditional emergency location technologies can fail indoors or have a radius that’s too big to be useful.”

That’s why this feature is so important. It uses GPS, Wi-Fi, mobile networks, and sensors to identify your location. It works both indoors and outside with the same accuracy as Google Maps.

Fun fact: Apple’s first iPhone was released in June of 2007. The first Android came out a little more than a year later.

Google said emergency centers told it that the service has already helped save lives and gave an example of a Florida man who told a 911 operator the wrong address. Android’s Emergency Location Service was able to lead responders to the correct spot in time to save his life.

Now that’s a great new feature to add to any device. Apple’s iPhones already have a similar feature called SOS emergency.

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