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All Apple apps will have this one thing in common

The iPhone X was supposed to be a game-changer, but so far it hasn’t delivered the sales bang Apple hoped for, despite getting really good reviews. Even so, it was the highest shipped smartphone over the holidays.

Whether or not it has actually accomplished its goal is a matter of debate, but there’s little doubt that the phone — with its larger screen, improved camera, facial recognition ability and other nifty perks — is significantly different than any iPhone that preceded it.

If you have one or at the very least have seen one, you know the different design includes no home button, a top notch and a screen without borders.

It’s time to adjust to the X

As Apple continues to gear its products to the X, this week the company informed its developers to make their new apps support the phone, in all its distinctive glory.

Starting in April, new equipment will have to adjust to the 5.8-inch super retina screen, accommodate the “notch” that so many have complained about, and leave little on the edges. Looks like Apple is sticking with its design choice, and rumor has it that the next two models they’ll release will include the same design.

Of course, non-X iPhones have different dimensions, which is where this could get a bit tricky.

Prior to the X, while screens tended to grow, the general dimensions remained relatively similar on each successive iPhone. Therefore, an app designed for one model could, for the most part, work for another, even if it that was not the specific intention.

New apps only

As it stands, it does not appear Apple will require updates to pre-April 2018 apps be made to support the X’s screen, though the theory is the change is a sign more devices will have a similar look to the new phone.

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