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7 Awesome Netflix hacks you need in your life

Nothing like kicking back after a long day at work or relaxing on the weekend to view your favorite Netflix shows. Many of you might be marathoners or binge-watchers.

But there’s so much you might not know about Netflix. The streaming service has a few tricks that you might want to take advantage of that could make your viewing experience even more enjoyable.   

Netflix Tricks

No Wi-Fi Needed

We get so used to watching Netflix in the comfort of our own homes that it’s easy to take for granted that Wi-Fi is needed. If you’re going on a vacation where Wi-Fi connections are sparse, you can download select titles on an app through your iPhone, Android, computer or tablet. You just need to have a Wi-Fi connection to download shows or movies. After that, you’re smooth sailing for your road trip or flight.

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No More Pop-up Questions

You’re probably used to the message popping up “Are you still watching?” after a few episodes of a show. If you want to prevent that question from flashing on your screen, pull up the Chrome extension Flix Assist. As an added bonus, the extension spares you from having to watch the countdown to the next episode of the series you’re watching.

Added Trailers

If you’re trying to decide whether to watch other shows, Netflix is making it a little easier to decide with its new feature. You can now view trailers on select titles that autoplay after hitting pause.

Delete Titles

Admit it, you watch shows or movies from time-to-time that you don’t want others to know you watch. Netflix is helping you avoid the embarrassment by letting you delete titles. All you need to do is go to the viewing history and start deleting.

Let Netflix Pick Your Show

We all have our indecisive moments. On those days or nights, why not play Netflix roulette? The tool Flix Roulette will pick a TV show or movie for you. However, to make sure you end up with something you half-way like, you can specify genre, favorite directors and actors, and other specifications.

Help Netflix with Your Search

If you want to have more control over the roulette system, you can go to Netflix’s subgenres to help you narrow down the categories. Maybe Westerns, Romance, or Science Fiction is too broad. Instead, you might want to specify John Wayne Westerns or romantic comedies. Netflix also has an ID Bible, offering codes you can add at the end of a provided Netflix URL allowing you to go to the subgenre of your choice.

Fix Buffering

There’s nothing more frustrating than watching a really good part of a show or movie, only to have it buffer. You don’t have to put up with it. Go to Netflix’s hidden menu and select a lower video bitrate and click override. You might have to do it differently on other devices. 

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