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4 programs to protect against ransomware

Ransomware has been the number one digital threat in the world for a couple of years now. The FBI estimates that nearly $1 billion was paid by victims in 2016 alone.

Cybercriminals are not cutting down their attacks, in fact, they’re getting worse. Do you remember the WannaCry variant that infected computers across 150 countries? We can expect more attacks like that on the horizon.

It’s important to be prepared. That’s why we’re going to tell you about four programs that protect you against ransomware.

1. Helpful anti-ransomware tool

Bitdefender has a tool that can help stop ransomware from infecting your gadgets. It’s described as next-generation ransomware protection against CTB-Locker, Locky, Petya and TeslaCrypt ransomware families.

This tool runs in the background of your gadget and keeps files that make a computer seem to already be infected with ransomware. That’s how it tricks new ransomware variants into not infecting your device. If a new variant thinks your gadget is already infected, it typically passes you by.

Click here for more details on Bitdefender’s anti-ransomware tool.

2. Protect your devices from all forms of ransomware

Trend Miro’s RansomBuster helps protect your important files from ransomware attacks. It provides protection against all forms of ransomware and adds an additional layer of protection to your PC, even if you already have security software installed.

It’s super easy to use. Simply select a folder to protect and you’re done. RansomBuster then blocks access by unknown programs to your protected files automatically. It’s also smart and allows popular applications like Microsoft Office to automatically access your protected folders, reducing false alarms.

Click here for more details on Trend Micro’s RansomBuster.

3. Back up your critical files

Are you protected from the next massive ransomware attack? Cybercriminals are always developing more complicated variants that make it harder for anti-malware software to detect.

That’s why you need to backup all of your critical data. We recommend our sponsor IDrive.

If you get hit with ransomware, no problem. Just restore your backup. Take that, hackers!

Click here and use promo code Kim to get 50% off IDrive today!

4. Protect your PC from ransomware for free

Cybereason’s RansomFree protects against 99 percent of ransomware strains, including Bad Rabbit, NotPetya, and WannaCry. It provides protection from ransomware for computers running Windows.

This tool checks programs against known variants of ransomware and analyzes the behavior of running programs. It’s free to use for both home and business.

Click here to find out more about Cyberreason’s RansomFree.


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