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3 new iPhones coming from Apple this year

Is the premium OLED display iPhone X in trouble? Although we consider the iPhone X as the best iPhone experience your money can buy right now, sales forecasts indicate that the expensive iPhone X is not selling as well as Apple hoped for.

Is the culprit the iPhone X’s price or the cheaper smartphone options available? Well, if you’re in the market for a new iPhone, you may want to consider what Apple has in the pipeline and rethink your options down the road.

Read on and I’ll tell you all about the BIG rumors about the next-generation iPhone that are swirling around.

Three new iPhones confirmed

A new report from The Wall Street Journal revealed Apple’s production plans for its next iPhone models this year.

As expected, the report confirms other widespread rumors that Apple has three new iPhones for 2018:

  • an updated version of the current iPhone X
  • a 6.5-inch “iPhone X Plus” with an OLED display (like the iPhone X)
  • a third iPhone sporting a 6.1-inch LCD display and a lower price point than the OLED models

However, the Journal stated that Apple is shifting most of its production to the cheaper LCD display model instead of the more expensive OLED versions.

This cheaper model will still have the current iPhone X’s features such as Face ID, advanced sensors, and edge-to-edge display but it will “differ significantly” from the OLED iPhones.

For one, it will use a lower resolution LCD panel instead. These concessions will allow Apple to keep this model within the $650 to $750 price range.

On the average, LCD screens only cost around $40 each while OLED screens still cost $100 each, bringing the overall price of a smartphone significantly higher.

Although OLED displays have better image quality and power efficiency, the LCD model will be welcome news to people who are not willing to shell out the significant difference just to get the OLED display.

Slow iPhone X sales the culprit?

This shift in its production plans strongly suggests that Apple is expecting to sell more of the LCD display iPhone due to its lower price point.

This is in line with the weaker than expected sales figures for Apple’s flagship smartphone, the iPhone X. Although the iPhone X is the best iPhone ever, analysts say that its price tag, which starts at $999, is definitely playing a big factor in its lower than average sales forecasts.

In fact, a recent Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) survey showed that more people are buying the cheaper iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models than the iPhone X this year.

With the availability of the lower-priced LCD version of the next-generation iPhone, Apple’s production plans indicate that the company is anticipating that the majority of its customers will likely choose the cheaper option than spend more with the premium models.

Other iPhone rumors

Earlier reports also stated that all three models will likewise ditch the traditional home button and use Face ID and screen gestures like the current iPhone X.

The next iPhones may also sport double-SIM card slot options and modified stainless steel frames for improved data transmission.

Strategy shift

With this report, we can’t help but speculate about the future of iPhones. With Apple’s emphasis on a cheaper LCD model, does this mean that the $999 premium price tag for flagship smartphones is a failure? Is it causing smartphone manufacturers to rethink their pricing strategy?

It just shows that it doesn’t matter how many bells and whistles you cram on a gadget, the average consumer will always choose value over incremental improvements. And in this case, for most people, a $999 price tag seems too much, even for an iPhone.

What do you think? Are you excited about Apple’s potential iPhone lineup in 2018? Drop us a comment!

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