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$10 a month for a phone? New plan promises deal

When they first went mainstream, cellphones were good for nothing more than phone calls. They then began to grow in scope, with things like calculators, games and other basic functions added in.

Fast forward to now, and cellphones are miniature computers that are great for phone calls, but also do email, online browsing, video streaming and much, much more. A lot of what they do can require plenty of data, and data isn’t cheap.

It’s a big reason why our cellphone bills are so expensive. But while most carriers continue to raise their rates, others are trying to make their mark by offering incredibly low fares.

Say hello to Unreal Mobile

A new wireless service that comes from FreedomPop, Unreal Mobile is trying to entice people to join by offering an unlimited plan that costs just $10 a month. Yeah, you read that right.

Unreal Mobile is promoting it as the “lowest priced unlimited plan,” adding that there is no contract or credit check required to sign up. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

The price sure is, but what you actually get may not be.

It turns out the $10-per-month plan gets you a measly 1GB of LTE data. Any data you require after that will come via 2G speeds, which is way too slow for things like video streaming.

If you want more than just 1GB, you can get 2GB of LTE data along with unlimited calls and texts for $15 per month, or 5GB of LTE data plus unlimited calls and text for $30 per month.

As for the $10 plan, there is also a chance the plan will not be available in your area, which is why Unreal Mobile wants you to sign in and check availability first. Their coverage map does have some holes:

Photo from

Photo from

That’s interesting, but what is Unreal Mobile?

Unreal Mobile says its plan is not only the cheapest, but contains the most innovative features, too. Along with unlimited talk, text and data, all plans include a built-in VPN security service that allows people to browse the internet without being tracked. It also has an ad-blocker and will allow you to roll over any unused data for free.

Unreal runs on Sprint’s network, so if you have a CDMA phone on Sprint you can bring it over to Unreal Mobile. Or, if you want, you can buy a new phone.

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