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Teachers are becoming millionaires using this site

Every one of us can remember a teacher who helped shape us, whether it was the science teacher who sparked our interest in organic chemistry or the art teacher who showed us how to express ourselves through drawing, painting or photography.

Even though teachers play such a valuable role in society, they don’t have an easy job. They’re constantly tasked with aligning their curriculum to meet government standards, and their salaries are lower than many other professions.

That’s why many teachers are turning to an app called Teachers Pay Teachers for resources and even a form of supplemental income.

Teachers Pay Teachers, or TpT, is a community of educators sharing their work with one another. It’s an open marketplace where teachers can sell their lesson plans and other educational resources to other teachers. They can also buy items they need for their own classrooms.

TpT was founded by a public school teacher from New York City named Paul Edelman. After graduate school, he began teaching in Brooklyn and soon discovered his students learned best when he incorporated materials from other educators.

Since its humble beginning, TpT now has around 4 million active members and 2.4 million resources available, and it’s helped teachers earn $330 million within the community.

What will you find on TpT?

  • Lesson plans and units
  • Interactive notebooks
  • Center ideas
  • Task cards
  • Activities
  • Games
  • Common core resources
  • Classroom decor
  • Much, much more

How to make money on TpT

To begin contributing to TpT and sell your own educational materials, you’ll need to register for an account. It’s easiest to do this on the main website, Once there, click “Join Us,” then “Seller Upgrade.”

A “Seller Upgrade” membership is free and allows you to become a “Basic Seller.” With this membership, you can download free resources and buy (and rate) products from the catalog. You can also sell items and earn royalties for an unlimited number of product postings.

Basic Sellers receive 60% of the total sales, less than a $0.30 transaction fee for each item sold; however, if you begin to do well with sales, you may want to consider upgrading to a “Premium Seller” account. This account costs $60 per year, but it comes with some additional perks.

Premium Seller accounts let you keep 85% of your sales with no transaction fees on sales over $3.00. Plus, you’ll get homepage product placement, which can increase your sales even more.

There is one little caveat that makes TpT extra special: The rules require every teacher to share at least one resource for free. That way, there are plenty of free resources to share with the educators’ community.

Once you’re all set up, download the free app so you can access TpT on the go. The app lets you browse and buy from the catalog and manage your account credentials.

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