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Take a journey through space with this free app

As the 2017 solar eclipse draws closer and closer, your curiosity about space may be growing too. Learning more about our solar system is a great way to satisfy that curiosity.Amazing Space Journey is a free app that you can use to observe the sun, all the planets, and their moons. It provides a detailed look at everything!This app is simple yet interactive. You can use your finger to drag and pull the screen to get a 360-degree view of each celestial structure. Tap the dots at the bottom to jump from planet to planet and tap the numbers on the side of the screen to watch them orbit at different speeds.The augmented reality component is what makes this app special. You can download a free AR Board from the Amazing Space Journey website and print it out. When you open the app, there’s an icon in the top-right corner for AR mode. Use this mode with the board to take a virtual tour of the solar system!Watch the video below (or click here) to see the app in action.To download the Amazing Space Journey app, click the blue buttons below or click here for Android devices and click here for Apple devices.

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