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Parental control app lets you set healthy boundaries for kids

In 2015, it was reported that the average child spends six hours a day in front of a screen. Wow! Some of that time is spent doing research, typing essays and completing online assignments. But a large part of it is probably spent watching YouTube videos, sending messages on SnapChat, and who knows what else?So what do you do? If you ban the computer then they can’t do their homework. But watching them use the computer isn’t feasible either. unGlue could be the perfect solution. It’s a parental control app that helps you limit what your kids see online and when they can use the internet.Created by parents, for parents, unGlue is designed to help your children balance their time online. You can set daily limits for internet usage and your child will get notifications on their device alerting them of how much time they have left. When time is up, internet access on their device is disabled.To keep them from getting distracted while they do their homework, you can set “Entertainment Time.” When time is up, this setting shuts off social media, games, and other apps and sites meant for leisure. That way, your child can still use the internet to complete their assignments.Alon Shwartz and Alex Zherdev, the creators of the app, said it’s not just about controlling your children’s behavior. It’s about helping them develop healthy online habits. unGlue gives your children a “time bank” to help them learn time management. Unused minutes can roll over and they can even do chores to earn more time.In addition to setting limitations, the app also allows parents to monitor their children’s activity. They can see just how much time their kids spend on specific sites. It’s also easy to block inappropriate sites and other content you deem unsuitable.Watch the demonstration video below. Click here to see it if you’re reading this story on the app.Pretty impressive, huh? If you’d like to give it a try, click the blue buttons below to download it for free from the iTunes Store or the Google Play store.
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