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New app can save your college student a bundle on books

The cost of tuition isn’t the only thing you have to worry about when it’s time to send your kids off to college. Living expenses and meals will also add up. And don’t forget about the cost of textbooks.This last item is something that’s often forgotten about when planning your finances. With the average textbook costing over $100, young college students could easily spend close to $600 per semester on books. And some have even reported spending close to $1,000.What’s even more frustrating than the original cost of the textbooks students need for class is that they’re often worth pennies on the dollar when you return them.Having experienced this frustration himself, a college student by the name of Shawn Lewis Jr., along with his friend, created an app to help fix the problem. It’s called Book Cycle, and it works very much like Craigslist, thredUp or eBay.Book Cycle works by connecting college students with other students in their area to buy and sell the textbooks they need for their courses.Users can search for the title of the book they need, or by the ISBN number. Then, when they’ve found a seller, the app has a built-in chat feature so you can negotiate a price. Even better, there’s a price comparison tool so you can see if you’re getting a good deal.Book Cycle is available for both Apple and Android users and is free to download. To download this app, click the blue buttons below.
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