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Manage your kids’ chores and pay their allowance with this app

If keeping a cleaner house was one of your new year resolutions or perhaps you find yourself inspired by Marie Kondo, well then there is an app that may help you and your family master the art of tidying up.This app is a fantastic tool that parents can use to not only educate their children on the importance of managing money and investing, but also as a solution to a family’s never-ending chore list.The app is called BusyKid, and it allows parents to assign their children chores. Once the chore has been finished, parents can pay their children through the app via a direct deposit feature.

How BusyKid helps you manage chores

BusyKid is very user-friendly and allows parents to create customized chore lists for each child. The app also provides suggested chores that are appropriate for children of various ages, which allows parents to assign certain chores to older children and other chores to younger children.Once children have completed a chore, they can update their progress via the app and parents can look at the full list of completed chores via the Activity Stream feature.Parents can then determine set allowances; Children can be paid for their hard work at a rate and time or day set by their parents. Parents link their checking account to the app and can even select a certain amount to be invested into the stock market.BusyKid users can also have their children’s money deposited onto a reloadable Visa card, which is a great feature for older children who are more independent than their younger siblings. The fun doesn’t stop there, as children can also use their hard-earned money to spend on gift cards to various different stores including Amazon and AMC Movie Theaters – following parents’ approval of course!Bonus: Parental control app lets you set healthy boundaries for kidsBusyKid opens the door for parents to talk to their children about financial responsibility and helps families tackle chores in a fun, organized, and productive manner. It’s a win-win for parents and children alike!You can learn more about BusyKid on its official website, which is filled with several helpful how-to videos. The app is available for download via the App Store and Google Play.
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