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Learn to code in your free time

Everyone’s saying it, from the ads on TV to the kid next door: Coding is the hottest thing on the planet. Stories abound of people taking a few months of classes, then walking right into a six-figure job that pays more in a month that some people make in a lifetime. Every magazine and newspaper says it: Coding is the future and everyone needs to learn it.

Maybe that sounds great, but it also seems pretty complicated. It can also be pretty expensive. Those bootcamps and classes and courses can cost thousands of dollars, and who wants to spend that much money and that much time on something they don’t understand?

There is a way to get started with cutting-edge languages like Python and big names like Java, HTML and CSS without paying thousands of dollars or spending all day in front of a fancy computer. You can learn to code in your free time without a lot of fancy equipment or experience.

All you need is an Android or iOS device and a few minutes every day and, most importantly, this way is free.

Programming Hub: The center of the coding universe

Programming Hub is an app for mobile devices meant to get anyone up and coding in a few minutes without spending a few thousand dollars. It lets you pick from dozens of languages, then runs you through bite-sized, interactive courses instead of taking up every single day for six months. Finish enough courses and you get a certificate of your achievement. Best of all, your learning is verifiable, so you might be able to use it to ask for a raise or an awesome new job.

Programming Hub is available at the Apple Store for iPhones and the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Getting started

Once you’ve got Programming Hub downloaded and installed, page through a few screens that tell you all about the app and click the Get Started button. You can use your Google or Facebook accounts or use your email address to make your account. Setting up an account allows you to save your progress and keep track of all the great work you’ve done.

Code is law

After setting up your account, Programming Hub will present you with a list of all the languages and lessons it has available. Don’t worry if you still think Java is a cup of coffee because there are courses on the fundamentals that take just a few minutes. You’ll understand all the concepts before you dive into the hard stuff. And a little secret? The hard stuff isn’t that hard once you know what’s going on.

Code is life

After getting through the basics, you can dive into the programming languages. Each lesson is written in small chunks that take just a few minutes. It’s the kind of thing you can read standing in line or riding on the bus, and it’s way less depressing than the news. There are little quizzes and exercises along the way to make sure you’re picking up everything and lots of ways to branch out once you grasp the essentials of your chosen language.

Time to go pro

Once you’re ready to really dig in, you have the option of a Pro subscription. For just $10.99 a month, you can do things like study offline (and save that data for downloading more cool apps, maybe even one you wrote!), remove ads, and get access to all the great courses Programming Hub has on offer. If you really fall in love and want to make a lifetime kind of commitment, the Lifetime membership is just $399.99.

Hey, it seems like a lot, but what’s a few bucks for a whole new career? You won’t have to take out a single student loan! App background

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