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Learn a new language with quick lessons and games

Learning a new language can be so difficult. There’s vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension and so many other elements you need to understand to truly master it.One way to make it easier could be to turn it into a game. The Memrise app does just that! The app developers’ mission is to use science, fun, and community to help you learn quickly.Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go undercover as a spy in a distant universe. You’ll use the lessons you’ve learned to “protect your language” and trick your enemies. It’s like a video game where you complete different tasks to unlock the next level and other features.The icons at the bottom of your screen are different areas of the app. The house icon is the “Learn” section where you see your lessons. Each lesson gives you the tools you need to build up your memory and create associations so that you don’t forget what you’ve learned.The graduation cap is the “Find” section where you select a language to learn. You can choose from French, Spanish (from Mexico or from Spain), German, Arabic, English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese (from Brazil or from Portugal), Swedish, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish and Polish.The trophy icon is the “Leaderboard” that shows how you stack up against your friends. If your friends download the app too then you can compete for the high score and help each other learn. The leaderboard also collects the badges you’ve earned from achievements in the app.Use the “Settings” icon to make changes to your account and click the “Pro” star icon to purchase a subscription. Subscriptions include more features, like accessing your courses offline and videos of native speakers.You can use Memrise to learn more than just languages! Take courses on “History & Geography,” “Arts & Literature,” “Math & Science,” and several other interesting topics. To try it for yourself, click the button for Apple devices or Android devices below.

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