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Learn up to 33 languages with this interactive app

You want to learn a new language, and if you’re like a lot of us, you wish you’d learned one when you were younger. Now, maybe you need to understand another language for your job, or you’re traveling overseas and you want to say more than “where is the bathroom” in the native tongue.

Learning a foreign language takes time and can get expensive, especially if you take classroom-based lessons where it’s one teacher and dozens of students. You pay a hefty fee plus have to buy materials. We’ve got a better option for you, which costs less, gives you access to 33 languages and lets you learn at your own pace and on your own time.

It’s fun to learn a new language

You know that learning a new language can be a chore. You’ve struggled to stay focused in classes that dragged on for weeks or months.

You’ve read books, listened to CDs and got nowhere. Now it’s so easy to learn with the Mondly app.

It’s an interactive, fun and natural way to learn. You interact with a voice-recognition chat bot, meaning you’re talking to an app that speaks naturally to help you learn at a comfortable, natural pace – it’s like talking to a friend.

You’ll have a daily chat with the chat bot to review what you’ve been learning. You’ll go through 250 real-life-style lessons, 33 conversations and three dozen vocabulary builders.

You will also hear native speakers speaking the language you’re learning. There are so many ways to learn with Mondly that are informative and instructive, including more than 1,300 daily lessons.

More important, Mondly can help you learn a language as intensively as you like. You can start with fun, interactive conversations and advance to review grammar and conjugations.

Note: Mondly works with iPhones, Android smartphones, PCs and Macs.

Mondly can teach you 33 languages

Mondly has a really unique feature that your family and friends will love. You can learn any of its 33 languages from English or the language they speak.

The interactive app teaches languages like English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Arabic and many others. Check out the app today and you’ll be surprised by how many people on your Christmas list will love this app!

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