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An easy way to help out someone in need (Hint: It involves pasta)

How about we stop talking about everything that’s wrong with the internet for just a moment? We could all use a bit of good news.

What do you get when you mix lasagna with good feels? Lasagna Love. Its fantastic mission is to pair up people who want to do some good with others who could really use a homecooked meal. And who doesn’t love a tray of lasagna?

Are you a parent trying to balance way more during COVID? A frontline worker who could use some love? A person who’s lost income and is trying to figure out how to put dinner on the table? Or maybe you just need a break.

Whatever the reason: Kindness is for everyone. Let a neighbor deliver a home-cooked lasagna or main dish to your family one night. Or donate your time and cooking skills to make someone’s day. You can also donate money for ingredients to help a great cook make someone’s day. You can also nominate a friend you know could use some help.

If you’re looking to donate your time (and a tray of lasagna), go to the Lasagna Love site, click Get Involved, then scroll down and choose Sign up here! You can choose how often you can donate a meal, any special diets you can accommodate and how far you’re willing to drive. Once you get a match, you can log into the portal, see a family you’ve matched with and set up delivery.

Lasagna Love has grown to 47 states, with over 18,000 “Lasagna Mamas” making and delivering lasagnas to families in need.

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