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Get interesting facts about history that happened all around you

Maybe that old abandoned building used to be a thriving jazz nightclub. Or maybe that Italian restaurant has been in business for four generations. There’s an interesting story about the past everywhere you look… if you know who ask.And who better to ask than the people behind the History Channel? Their regular app is just episodes from the network. But if you download the HISTORY Here app, you’ll get an interactive guide to historic locations all over the U.S.When you first download the app, it will ask you to allow access to your location. That’s because the purpose of the app is to inform you about the history of your surroundings. Whether you’re on vacation or standing in your own backyard, the app can tell you things you might not know about your location.It’s simple to use and clutter-free because the main menu includes four options. If you tap Explore, you’ll see a map of where you are right now. Red markers on the map will indicate nearby destinations or landmarks; just tap a marker to learn more about the place.The descriptions of each place include a beautiful picture, directions to that destination, and a link to the location’s official website. If you really like a place, tap the star and it will be added to the My Places section of the app. You can share destinations with your friends through email, Twitter and Facebook, too.Go back to the menu and hit Surprise Me to be transported to a random location in the country. Just like before, there will be a description of that location. On the map screen, there’s a list icon and you can select places from this list to learn more about a place. If you see lots of interesting places in one spot, you might decide to visit!The Tours feature is a list of curated guides about specific topics. You can explore subjects like Nashville’s Music History, Al Capone, Marilyn Monroe, or San Francisco’s Alcatraz Prison.HISTORY Here isn’t just well-known places; it has descriptions of thousands of “exclusive points of interest.” Plus, the app accepts suggestions! There’s a form within the app that you can fill out to add a historically significant location. If it’s accepted, then anybody can get information about the place you recommended!Whether you’re a history buff or just curious by nature, HISTORY Here seems like a fun and educational resource. To try it for yourself, click one of the blue buttons below or click here for Android devices and click here for Apple devices.

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