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Tired of Wordle? Try this years-old puzzle game

Wordle took the world by storm a few months ago. It seemed everyone was playing and couldn’t get enough of the online game sensation. Tap or click here for some Wordle pro tips.

But as with everything, people lose interest quickly. That’s why it’s time to find a new game. Don’t worry. We’ve found one that’s been around for years but has been under the radar.

If you love fun, quick games, you’re going to love this quirky, browser-based game. We know we do.

What is Game about Squares?

The premise is a complete enigma when you first visit the Game about Squares site. Soon after clicking through each prompt, though, you’ll be introduced to what we consider addictive. It’s also free to play.

The game is exactly what it says on the label: Game about Squares. This is a straightforward romp involving one or more colorful squares, all adorned with an arrow indicating the direction they move when clicked. 

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Each square comes paired with a matching dot. The goal of the game? To use each square’s singular direction of movement to land all of them on their respective dots. No two squares can occupy the same spot on the board as another, and you’ll find that you need to think laterally to solve some of these challenging puzzles.

Without spoiling too much for you, one example is a level in which you need to use one block to push another into the right spot. You’ll sometimes find that you’ve wiggled the gang into a corner. If you get stuck, all you have to do is reset the level or hit undo until you’re back at the starting position.

Is Game about Squares our latest obsession? Honestly, we haven’t felt this way about a free online game since Tetris was ported to the internet for all to play.

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