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10 free sites to play games online

Do you like the idea of playing video games but don’t want to go through the hassle or expense of setting up a dedicated gaming machine? Are you looking for a time killer when you’re bored? If that’s you, you’re in luck, because we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best free sites to play games online for free!

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Browser games can get a bad reputation for being overly simplistic or overloading the experience with ads, but there are more than a few sites out there worth checking out. From puzzles to action to math, we’ve got all sorts of games for all kinds of people. Read on to find the best site for you to hop on and get started gaming for free today.

Free Games Max

Free Games Max has a little bit of something for everybody, whether you’re looking for an action game or a strategy game. Maybe you want a platformer, a sports title or something more educational. Free Games Max has tons of options. Plus, you can see what games are trending right on its homepage. Simply click a game and hit play to start your gaming adventure!

Addicting Games

Addicting Games has been around forever, and this site has over 30 categories of games to choose from. Every Thursday new games are added to the site, too. If you really enjoy the site, there’s a subscription service for $2.50/month billed per year or $3.99 a month that unlocks exclusive games only available to subscribers. Simply click on a game and hit the play button to begin.

Arkadium Games

Arkadium Games is an excellent site to play around with if you like mind, puzzle, or strategy games. There are a variety of categories to browse through, but most available titles are strategic in nature, though there are racing games, arcade games, sports games, match 3 games and more. Make sure your ad-blocker is turned off, and then click a game, hit play, and you’ll be ready to go.

io Games

io Games has become its own unique little subgenre of video games, known for simplicity and catchy one-note ideas, and io Games does not disappoint with a broad selection of games. From farming games to drawing with friends to first-person shooters, there are tons of games to choose from, all with their own ratings. Simply click on a game to start playing, and chances are you may even find the game you’re playing has a mobile app available for download.

Cool Math Games

Cool Math Games is another browser gaming site that has been around for a long time. As you might expect, most games on the site deal with math or logic, but if you think cool math games is another way to describe Homework: the Video Game, you’re wrong. Cool Math Games has a variety of titles from strategy to numbers to logic to trivia and more that have general ties to math, like shooting marbles and trying to create groups of three.

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Play Retro Games Online

Play Retro Games Online does precisely what you’d expect it to. And when we say retro, we really mean it. You’ll find Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Gameboy, and NES games to name a few of the supported systems. In terms of a timeline, games are available for systems all the way up to the Sony PlayStation. Simply click on a game to get started, though you may have to skip through a few ads first.

Crazy Games

Crazy Games, surprisingly, is not all that crazy a selection of games, but it is fairly robust. It has a large selection of games across genres, including io games for you to choose from. Clicking on a game will start up that title, and all your key game-related information is located right below the game window. In this section, you’ll also find a rating, which includes a score. It’s not uncommon to see games with hundreds of thousands of ratings.


Yepi has fewer games than some of the mega-collections on this list, but most of the games on Yepi have a similar gimmick: They’re simple, colorful, and upbeat, usually focusing on action, adventure, and all-around general shenanigans. Simply click on a game to start playing, and look next to the game’s title when playing for a star rating out of five. Need-to-know information is located right beneath your game window, so you will never feel lost.


A10 has nearly 2.5 million likes on Facebook. It has tons of games from a variety of genres available on the site. In addition to all the familiar browser game experiences you’ll find on the site, A10 also has a selection of two-player games where you can take on friends and family. Simply click on a game, hit play and it will begin.


Pogo is the only site on our list you’ll need to make an account to access. It’s is owned by Electronic Arts, so you’ll need an EA account to sign in and use the service. Once signed in, you can tour the site and earn digital currency and participate in daily challenges. However, if you’re just looking to play a game, there’s a variety of options, all of which can be jumped into by simply clicking on them.

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