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Divorcing? 13 clever tech tools to make it easier on you, your kids and finances

Who knew there were so many apps and websites to help you through some of the challenges of divorce? They run the gamut from setting up custody schedules to dealing with financial fallout of a split.

Whether it’s a simple calendar or financial tracking of child-care expenses, the main goal with all of the sites is to make sure kids aren’t stuck in the middle of parental disputes. Some of the sites even offer portals for mediators and divorce attorneys.

Even if you’re not the one going through a divorce, you might have friends or family members who are. So make sure to share this list on your social media accounts. It’s a good way to offer non-judgmental support at a time when people are overwhelmed.

Apps and websites to help streamline children’s schedules


Avoid confusion over custody schedules with the free program Cozi. It helps coordinate and communicate everyone’s schedules and activities. It also tracks grocery lists, manages to-do lists, helps plan ahead for dinner and keeps the whole family on the same page. Cozi’s app is available for iPhone and Android.

Google Calendar

Sometimes just having a good calendar program is what you need to avoid conflicts with your ex. With Google Calendar, just create a calendar and share editing permissions with your ex so they can make any modifications.

You can schedule events like weekly visits to repeat automatically. Also, create a separate Google calendar for your kids’ activities that you can share with your ex. You can install the Google Calendar app for free on Android and iPhones.


Being a good co-parent takes a lot of organization. coParenter offers organization and management features to get everyone on the same track. This will help you make sure that you and your ex know who’s picking up a child from soccer practice and who is dropping them off at school.

You can also send a secure, non-trackable notification where you can record every time you and your co-parent exchange the children, proving you were on time, every time. This program is free with a 30-day trial and then costs $120 a year. The program’s app is available for iPhones and Androids.


This website-based program lets you create and maintain your parenting-time and support payment schedules through a calendar interface. With CustodyJunction you can share the schedule online by providing your ex with login access or by printing.

The Scheduling Center can be used on all types of custody arrangements such as sole, joint, shared, split, friendly, non-friendly and more. The Tracking Center allows you to provide detailed records of all of your “Events” in the Scheduling Center.

The tracking lets you provide valuable documentation and detail that is needed to monitor parenting arrangements. The program has a 30-day free trial. The annual cost is $47.


SquareHub is for all kinds of families, divorced parents included. SquareHub is the private social network designed exclusively for your family.

You can send private messages and photos, coordinate activities, manage schedules and more. SquareHub also provides a single application for messaging, scheduling and photo sharing for everyone in your family. SquareHub is free. Although its website says the app is downloadable on iPhone and Android, it cannot be found on the Google Play Store.

Tracking child support costs


While AppClose offers a free calendar to sort any scheduling conflicts, its expense feature is notable. Called Expenses, it is an integrated tracker to help you track spending and convert expenses into reimbursement requests.

Reviewers praise the app’s features, but there are concerns about technical issues. The good news is AppClose does respond to users’ concerns. Also good, the program is free. The app is available for iPhone and Android.


SupportPay gives you a one-stop place to manage child support, family support, spousal support, alimony and child expenses in an easy-to-use application that can be accessed from the web or a  mobile device. SupportPay allows you to automate the process of tracking expenses, providing receipts, calculating how much is owed and making payments.

Users rave that the program is great for showing ex-partners where their child support payments go. The program with basic features is free. The premium package, which includes more features, is $15 a month. SupportPay’s app can be downloaded for iPhone and Android.

Dealing with the legal system

Custody X Change

This program is helpful not only for divorced couples, but also legal professionals. With Custody X Change, couples can create and track professional-quality parenting plans using its library of more than 100 provisions and stipulations.

It also generates calendars and reports so you can be better prepared for attorney meetings, mediation and court dates. The shareable custody calendar is free, but you can sign up for a Silver Plan for $17 a month or $167 for life. The Gold Plan costs $27 per month or $297 for life.


This is a very simple site the helps couples looking for a do-it-yourself divorce. DivorceLog helps you find the proper divorce and settlement forms you need. The site also can help you find a lawyer in case things get complicated. The site is free.

Talking Parents

The site offers resources to both divorced couples and professionals working within the court system. Talking Parents’ service and records helps parents and the court system during child custody actions, domestic violence situations and other instances when a record of communication is helpful during litigation.

The website is free. If you want to add an app, a premium plan for $5 a month allows access to a mobile app for iPhone and Android.


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Maintaining amicable divorces


Not all divorces are bitter or remain bitter. Amicable helps you re-build communication with your ex in order to create a good co-parenting future that doesn’t include arguments or bringing in lawyers. The service is free with apps for iPhone and Android.


Just because the marriage is over doesn’t mean the family is over, too. As with the other programs, OurFamilyWizard offers scheduling calendars, an expense log and bank information. However, you can also create third-party Accounts for “bonus” parents, grandparents and other extended family.

Third-parties can send and receive messages, create journals and check the family calendar. Parents can even create a child account that keeps kids informed without placing them in the middle of grown-up concerns.

Each parent activates his or her own subscription to get equal access to all of the program’s features. Prices range from $99-$210 depending on what features you sign up for. The OurFamilyWizard app is available on iPhone and Android.

Hopefully you can find something on this list to help you get through the divorce. If you’re trying to help a friend or relative, remember to post this on your social media site. You could end up helping them find just the service they need.

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