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Best app to get you through spring cleaning

Walk the dog. Take out the trash. Unload the dishwasher. The long list of chores can get overwhelming and getting your family to help out around the house can be a challenge. And now that it’s time for spring cleaning, getting everything done can feel impossible.If you’re tired of constantly nagging your kids and significant other to help out, then maybe you could use a new way to motivate them. OurHome is a free app that creates an incentive program for the whole family.OurHome can help you organize the daily responsibilities of all your family members. You make a list of what needs to be done, assign tasks, and create a reward. When a family member completes a task, he or she earns points toward that reward.When you create a task, you can set a time limit, due date and determine how many points it is worth. You can also make it a recurring chore, add helpful notes, or delete a task altogether.Tasks don’t have to be just chores. You can set goals that relate to exercising, studying, good behavior, and several other categories. You can get creative with the rewards so that they fit your family’s needs. Choose anything from dessert after dinner to a family outing.OurHome is more than just a task-managing incentive program. You can also use it to create a digital grocery list so that everyone can contribute. There’s also a shared calendar feature that helps you coordinate your schedules with each other.Getting started can take a few minutes. As soon as you download the app, you create login credentials that the whole family can share. That way, everyone can access the account from their own device. Each family member also needs to create a profile to keep track of tasks and points.Watch the video below to see this app in action or click here to view it on YouTube.It’s very user-friendly, customizable and might even bring your family closer together. To give it a try, click one of the blue buttons below.

Bonus: While you’re spring cleaning, checking your sensors and smoke alarms, changing batteries, etc. you should also secure your home with a great security system. I recommend our sponsor, SimpliSafe. A system from SimpliSafe not only monitors your home for burglars, it can protect it from elemental hazards as well. You can now have total control from anywhere in the world with free apps for iPhone and Android smartphones. Click here and get free shipping as a Kim Komando listener, and a free remote keychain! App background

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