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3 apps that should be on every teen’s and college student’s phone

This generation has basically grown up using smartphones, which makes phone apps their gateway to the world. If you look at any teen or young adult’s phone, you’ll probably find several apps for social media, ridesharing and watching videos.

Apps can do so much more than keeping your child entertained or helping them get from place to place. There are several apps they can use that will help them become more independent, get help with school, and stay safe. Here are our three favorites.


Safety first! The Companion app was actually created by students at the University of Michigan. It allows users to ask a friend or family member to monitor them while they travel home. So whether your son or daughter is heading home from the library or a wild party, you’ll know that they made it safely.

The app sends a text with a link to a website where you can see their GPS location as they walk to their destination. If he or she goes off course, falls down, starts running or their headphones are suddenly removed, the app will ask your child if they’re OK. If everything is fine, they hit a button saying they’re OK within 15 seconds.

If the button isn’t hit within 15 seconds, the app will play loud alarm noises, and your child can press a button to call the police. There’s also a button they can hit if they feel nervous in a certain area. This information is sent to security and law enforcement agencies so that they can beef up security in these areas.

To download Companion, click here for Apple devices and click here for Android devices.


A teenager’s first part time job is often times their first experience with financial freedom. And some teens let it burn a hole in their pocket! The GoodBudget app can help them learn how to manage their money and good spending habits.

This app provides a visual aid as a break down of income versus expenses. Your child can allot a certain amount of money for their expenses, such as savings, clothes and entertainment. These amounts are assigned to an envelope where they can track how much is spent. Users get 20 envelopes and they can sync their accounts to two different devices. They can even share their budgeting plans with you.

To download GoodBudget, click here for Apple devices and click here for Android devices.


Chegg first started out as an online rental company for textbooks. These books are very expensive and when colleges buy them back at the end of the year, they offer students a very small fraction of the original price. Renting books tends to be a much cheaper alternative.

In addition to book rentals, Chegg offers several services to high school and college students:

  • Flashcards + app helps provide templates for creating your own studying materials
  • Chegg eReader app gives your child access to online textbooks
  • Homework Help & Online Tutoring connects your teen to online tutors for every subject
  • Chegg ACT Test Prep offers test preparations for standardized assessments

To download one or all of these Chegg apps, click here for Apple devices and click here for Android devices.

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