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Unblockable spam texts, holographic medicine, spaghetti spy cans

August 9, 2022
Riddle me this: What does "Star Wars" have to do with your next doctor's visit? Depending on your doctor, you may start dealing with holographic house calls. I've got all the details. Plus, you won't believe the craziest spy cams I found. People are hiding cameras in toys, water bottles, hair ties and spaghetti cans! Also, I've got a few tips you can use to conquer spam texts that keep haunting you — even after you blocked them.
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Jobs in danger, digital real estate, best browser games

August 8, 2022
In 2021, Facebook and Twitter employees spent 99% of their political donations on Democrats. Could that impact Big Tech bias? Here's my take. Plus, I'll tell you which jobs are most likely to be taken over by robots. If I mention your job, it's time to update your resume. Also, here's how you can make millions from the metaverse. Spoiler alert: You can buy digital real estate! Best of all, I've got a trick for whenever you have some free time: Open your browser and type these words to play famous games for free.
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